Hermitcraft s2 ep.1 – On The New Map!

Hermitcraft s2 ep.1 - On The New Map!Shortcuts Below /// What I’ve been up to on the new Hermitcraft map so far. Sorry if I sound tired this ep too.. but I was :] 0:10 Intro 1:02 About the new m…

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20 Responses to “Hermitcraft s2 ep.1 – On The New Map!”

  1. Fenton Fleming Says:

    Hey Red3yz, do you use Mineconics. net to generate your circles and stuff? If not, you probably should because it’s great for planning :)

  2. Myles Perry Says:

    Oh my gosh hermitcraft u r a awesome utuber I love ur videos

  3. Ye DolanCZ Says:

    Wow Red, I was waiting for this moment, when I open my SUBBOX and there will be your video. BIG MASSIVE thank you for making videos <3

  4. Theodore Smith Says:


  5. ReviveThisN00B Says:

    Glad you’re back :D

  6. Radicaldanny Says:

    aaaww.. :(

  7. Jbmz03 Says:

    Love to see you back again man really like the arena thing you should build a base or something on top of the mountain the view is awesome love it

  8. MrHappy233 Says:

    Long time no see, good to have you back1. :) r u still doing hafllife?

  9. red3yz Says:

    they are a life saver!

  10. OsuFan418 Says:

    Yay a red3yz video

  11. Limeguy98 Says:

    Awesome video red3yz! I really liked that cow farm design, i’ve never seen a design like it.

  12. MrBorisBaas Says:

    the mystery building is from Xisuma :D

  13. Tom de brabandere Says:

    With the chicken farm, won’t the small ones on the right jump in the lava when they get hit by an egg from the dispenser? I haven’t tested it, but I thought I heard one die when you were on the back at the wiring.. Anyway nice vid, glad to have you back! :P

  14. FinnElseyy Says:

    If you go to the community village you’ll see a winter biomes, head through it until you find a dessert, move along the border between the desert and snow biomes until you find a swamp. If you move around you might hear doors breaking, throw one eye of ender and you’ll find the spot to dig to find the end portal. I only know this because I use the seed myself. Hope this helps, love your vids and keep up the good work

  15. red3yz Says:

    ah ok, it was xisuma, not a bad effort from him :) yup, no buttons or anything, stil have to assemble the pies yourself though. base is looking better now, although i probably should have spent more time measuring it out :p

  16. Sofkill10 Says:

    Dude, I love your video so much! Really happy to see you back!

  17. MemoCraft1 Says:

    Our skin kinda looks the same.

  18. IamTiernO Says:

    If you had a mix of irish in there aswell, oh dear !!

  19. Greig Mckenzie Says:

    I lovably when u build but as u now it take a will between every ep

  20. IamTiernO Says:

    Oh I can ;)

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