Hermitcraft III 365 Q&A

Hermitcraft III 365 Q&AHermitcraft III Playlist â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKj1ks9-Q941E_LVUKEFermz Time for a Q&A episode :-) â–‹ Hermitcraft Livestream http://www.twitch.tv/hermitcraft_…

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 3rd, 2015

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft III 365 Q&A”

  1. Jonas Nisse Says:

    I’m with Virgin media and they took down the internet in my area (North
    London so not like a country town or anything) for 2 days! And their excuse
    was ‘essential repairs’.

  2. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    Love these Q&As. Thanx X)

  3. the minecraft and other cool stuff Says:

    Can anybody link his old music channel?

  4. xisumavoid Says:
  5. Ole Gambli Says:

    Do you like imagine dragons? (A band)

  6. joeshmocoolstuff Says:

    argh, you are placing torches too close together. ;)

  7. DaveBitDesigns Says:

    3 views and no comment, my chance to say “Hi” :D

  8. Bryan Oh Says:

    Can You Tell Me How To Join The Hermitcraft Server? 

  9. Wario64I Says:

    In todays episode: Xisuma digs some blocks

  10. Derrick Sillence Says:

    11:54 ok well I understand how you feel that way but how do you feel if
    like you don’t hit that accomplishent

  11. Squirrel paca Says:

    xisumavoid if you do Hermitcraft season 4 you should make it a molded world
    with crazy blocks, cool features such as animated players and shades, and
    finally bosses to fight more dimensions and challenges with your friends
    such as fighting ore spawn mobs.

  12. Cluridium Gamer Says:

    Big shout out to +xisumavoid who entertained us for all these years! We all
    love you as a player! keep up the great work! Who is with me?!

  13. XDthejulianXD Says:

    You should give Hearthstone a try, X! It’s alot of fun! :)

  14. TheFlyingEpergne Says:

    You are a lovely little man xisuma. In such a grey world, it’s nice to
    watch a video of yours every now and then

  15. Stevenizer Says:

    I really get annoyed by all the people who request a face reveal. I’ve been
    a subscriber for a long time and, honestly, I don’t want a face reveal. I’m
    afraid that my ‘image’ of Xisuma gets ‘ruined’ (no offence, I just mean
    that I don’t want it to happen that the real Xisuma is different from the
    Xisuma I have in my head).
    It’s a difficult topic to talk about, but yeah… this is my opinion.
    Greetings :)

  16. Piple Says:

    hey X, im not sure if you will see this since you are on vacation but if
    you are ever making a custom map, i would love to help you with it :) i
    have time like, always. just set a time and i will make sure i will be
    awake to do it (since you are 5 hours later than me)

  17. Jarod Wilfred Says:

    Can anyone recommend the ideal computer specs and software for recording
    minecraft videos? I’m trying to start recording but I don’t know where to

  18. KSores The LegoALLstar! Says:

    You can record with obs that is what I do!

  19. VinylPlaysGames Says:


  20. sZPeddy Says:

    If you want to see your ideas for maps come true, why dont you get some
    people that can help you? For a lot of people (including myself) doing
    command block stuff is a lot of fun, but most of the times you really dont
    need it. 2-3 people for each, building and redstone, could realise your
    visions, without you having to put a lot of work into it (just beeing the
    project leader).

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