Hermitcraft III 363 Real Youtube Talk

Hermitcraft III 363 Real Youtube TalkHermitcraft III Playlist â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKj1ks9-Q941E_LVUKEFermz Today we talk about my youtube plans for the future. â–‹ Hermitcraft Livestream …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft III 363 Real Youtube Talk”

  1. Booga Hooga Says:

    Haha the title sounds so serious :D

  2. FalseSymmetry Says:

    New Series Hype! Glad things are working out well for you – good luck house
    hunting! :D

  3. MrSpillagerGAMING Says:

    You know what would be awkward? When Xisuma would talk to Real Estate
    Agents(if they have them in his country) and some watches his videos and
    recognize X’s voice, then he/she will be like “Oh my goodness, are you
    Xisuma from youtube that makes Minecraft videos?” That will be super
    awkward. xD

  4. simplyamazin4184 Says:

    Hmmmm I didn’t know computers can own real estate in the UK

  5. Piple Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO X WHY!?!?!?!?!?! why would you promote your
    server? i dont want the comunity to change, i like the small friendly
    comunity :'(

  6. Golfhaus Says:

    You and +Mumbo Jumbo seem to be in the same predicament. Maybe y’all could
    room together in a Hermit House! :D

  7. 777static777 Says:

    Awesome episode Xisuma!
    It’s funny, it was really talking and grindy, but it was really enjoyable
    to watch, and I could identify with a lot of what you said.

    Best of luck with moving out!

  8. ultimateredstone Says:

    I think your views on the donation thing are great and completely
    reasonable. Good luck with your search for a house and everything else!

  9. Dave Rostron Says:

    Just a heads up you will prob loose me if there aint any tutorials. Its all
    I watch YouTube minecraft vids for

  10. CrazyNinjaCloud Says:

    Xisuma, start putting Ip of your Server in the description.

  11. Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More Says:

    So looking forward to the top secret hush hush series thing that we can’t
    talk about! Exciting #Hype ;-)

  12. Tango Tek Says:

    I’m really excited for you Xisuma and what’s to come. Moving out will be a
    huge step forward for your YouTube job

  13. IceMetalPunk Says:

    Awesome! I actually enjoy the real talk format–maybe this could be a
    regular thing, like a monthly update video? I mean, if you want, of course
    :) And good luck with your house hunting! I assume buying a flat with all
    the other Hermits and rooming together like some twisted reality TV series
    is out of the question? ;)

    Also, this new series you’re starting…for those who like modded but it’s
    not actually modded…do I smell *coughCommandBlockscough*? Huh, what, I
    said nothing! :D

  14. xisumavoid Says:
  15. holt1415 Says:

    Youtube is a funny thing, your audience is an investor, therapist, and your
    best friend.

    Keep us updated on the house search, love the videos.


  16. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    Good talk buddy! Hope you enjoy your vacation ;)

  17. iZacGaming Says:

    69th like

  18. Zueljin Gaming - Minecraft, Indie, and More Says:

    A wise man once told me not to try to spend other people’s money. We all
    invest in things we like or have an interest in. While one person may see a
    value in something, others may see it differently. Donations to me are just
    like that. People who are investing in you care about your longevity and
    want to motivate you to continue creating. It’s like positive reinforcement
    :) I really am glad you’re going this route bud. Between your work ethic,
    your new sanctuary, and your natural talent, you’ll only find a more
    comfortable seat among legends. <3

  19. Sybren Bijlsma Says:

    +xisumavoid how old are you? If you don’t wamt to tell, its fine! Just out
    of curisoitiy (<– awesome english) srry for the short comment. I’m not that good at english :P

  20. douwe jonkbloed Says:

    Thats funny! Keralis, mumbo and Xisuma are all moving home!!

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