Hermitcraft III 358 Fiery Red

Hermitcraft III 358 Fiery RedHermitcraft III Playlist â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKj1ks9-Q941E_LVUKEFermz Its late, I’m tired, its minecraft. What did you expect? â–‹ Hermitcraft Livestream http://www…

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : Apr 19th, 2015

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft III 358 Fiery Red”

  1. CptKillFeeds! Says:

    Your boots are mysteriously being broken? You could say… something is a

  2. MrNingaFilms Says:

    That mystery of yours sounds like the plot of Transformers Energon if
    anyone get the reference :P

  3. Twitchi Says:

    +xisumavoid Small magma Slime.. dropped down the XP hole for the first
    encounter… Jumped over the side for the second

  4. The Gaming Hobo | zphil123 Says:

    Posted this at 3:50

    If you record while you afk, you can find out what is moving you! :D

  5. Lazer Tazer Says:

    “Bedwock.”, I now no longer say bedrock.

  6. runenodragon Says:

    Biffa was trying to check if you were AFK. For the head games he does not
    kill people while being afk

  7. phoenix1515Minecraft Says:

    The 2nd Zombie could have fallen down the Minekart elevator. They are
    standing on trapdoors so the Zombie sees it as a full block, walks over it
    and then falls through

    You can easily edit the heart texture. In a texture pack it’s located in
    assets/textures/gui/icons.png (I believe)
    There are full and half hearts for normal hearts, poison hearts, flashing
    (Damaged) hearts, withered hearts and empty hearts. You could just make the
    withered hearts and damaged withered hearts dark grey so they stand out
    against the empty hearts

  8. Stoffer108 - 5€ for an intro or 1.6k+! [Epilepsy Warning] Says:

    3:03 108 xp! xD

  9. Jake Demarre Says:

    Thanks for the amazing videos X. I do have a question: How do you allow one
    person to sleep on a server? I’m running into that issue with my server and
    I can’t find a command to allow that. Any help is appreciated! :)

  10. Nick U. Says:

    Wow, with the strangely aggrevated pigmen in the nether hub and being
    pushed to that spot by seemingly nothing seems so spooky.

  11. sammyian18 Says:

    Could it have been a tiny magma cube that hit you then fell down the hole?

  12. Samuel Kyletoft Says:

    The social Zombie was killed by the thorns enchantment on your chestplate

  13. xisumavoid Says:
  14. ROBATq 97 Says:

    U don’t really need 5 notch apples cause for prot.4 unbreaking3 armour, 2
    of them is enough and than armour breaks… and I know what I’m saying I’m
    a pvp’er and don’t really do enything else in mc 

  15. Jannis T Says:

    I guess someone trolled you and knocked you in the corner. Maybe Tango :-)

  16. jannick hansen Says:

    Maybe the thorns killed the mob

  17. Felix Everett Says:

    Hey +xisumavoid I think that you should use yellow, orange or red stained
    glass to complement both the glowstone and the walls in that “tunnel” you
    built this episode! I think that the clear glass doesn’t look too good with
    the glowstone, but if you use silk touch, you won’t need to use any excess
    glass, you’ll just need to dye and replace!
    Amazing video again! :D

  18. xUser52x Says:

    Biffa attacked you clearly, using his fist so you wouldn’t die

  19. Felix Jones Says:

    Xisuma you should make a nether portal that looks like the Doom 3 hell

  20. Joshua Diniz Says:

    It’s fiery, Xisuma. I believe firey is a typo? 

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