Hermitcraft Ep.28 : Tower And Villagers

Hermitcraft Ep.28 : Tower And Villagers0:15 Annoyed about uploads failing 1:19 Why the wither skele farm stopped spawning nether fortress mobs – bug 4:23 Villager breeding area 7:00 Tower has begu…

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (20) : May 30th, 2013

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft Ep.28 : Tower And Villagers”

  1. masterxchiefette Says:

    Cool episode Red:)

  2. jjjhhhmmmxxx26 Says:

    4:00 the pussy was going for your cocks :p

  3. Shibaz z Says:

    Asguardian god actually ;)

  4. BuzLuck Says:

    Pity Shadow had to die for you to discover the perfect perpetual motion machine! :D

  5. ItsCraftbench Says:

    The upload problem has been annoying me too! love the idea of a iron golem farm there and pleased that it will have a enchanting table at the top, got to enchant with a view :) considering you just threw that villager system together it works really well you could use that in a minecraft station! I would like to see the “lost episode” as the music bit of you building the tower! keep it up like always buddy,

  6. cmasupra Says:

    If it really takes you 10 hours to upload a 30 minute video, go down to 480p. Most of your viewers won’t mind, and it means you can spend more time making quality content.

  7. dethlovesme Says:

    i hope you see this red but my favorite thing about your chnnel is that youare still able to reply to all our comments and read through them and give us some feedback on our own personal outlook on this playthrough and i just love it absolutley adore it cant gt enough so thanks for being awsome and having that awsome voice of yours

  8. LordofAssassins43 Says:

    Was wondering where the episode was Thank you for clearing it up

  9. mistersimeeec Says:

    The Automatic Cat Rotation System: It’s revolutionary.

  10. Exspee Says:

    Great episode as usual, red.

  11. TheWouter772 Says:

    Maybe the villagers didnt move because youre so far away so the cart didnt pick them up

  12. Endermaniac Says:

    Awesome episode :)

  13. RBTGamming Says:

    red3yz your so casual when said'” whoops, I thought I was going to fall to my doom.”

  14. ImAlonso123 Says:

    Wow loved it. I may use this in my world, thanks.

  15. MrCreeperkiller49 Says:

    Nice episode once again Red3yz

  16. ImAlonso123 Says:

    I missed you so much!!

  17. kar0zm Says:

    like i said in last hermitcraft episode, do a vlog someday! you have a really good microphone ur voice sounds sexy : :D

  18. BuzLuck Says:

    Lovely episode, with the iron golem farm, keep in mind that the doors of the iron golem farm still need to have a clear line of sight to the sky with no blocks other than glass (i think?) blocking it.

  19. Shibaz z Says:

    for the cat rotation system instead of the half slabs you should’ve used a stair and a solid block

  20. kar0zm Says:

    i saw a bad dream where you were leaving youtube. i was really confused when i woke up :p i love u reddy ♥

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