Hardcore Minecraft Survival #60 – WORLD TOUR/DOWNLOAD!

Hardcore Minecraft Survival #60 - WORLD TOUR/DOWNLOAD!Missed an episode of this series? Click the link to view all the episodes of HARDCORE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL …

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20 Responses to “Hardcore Minecraft Survival #60 – WORLD TOUR/DOWNLOAD!”

  1. Teh .Noob Says:

    At 31:00 lol. Completely changed topic 

  2. Kieran Bruce Says:

    breny where is world download Dude

  3. Ioav Livneh Says:

    hey breny, you should make an episode or livestream a clean-up of spawn.
    The box that goes around spawn could be made into a sort of sky-rail thing.
    Hope you get what I’m saying

  4. Cyanideskwid47 Says:

    And can u do a world download tutorial? Ive got a mac so if possible can u
    do bith mac and normal PC?

  5. Klassekmann Says:

    Oh boy! 60 Episodes! Good job man :D

  6. ChimpleYT (Im Scared) Says:

    Proud of you and all your achievements on this world, must say that the
    factory is my favourite! Super impressive redstone in that :) And when
    HCBB: comes back wil be submitting some

  7. Saint Says:

    Swat Kats. lol 90’s goodness.

  8. PureEmerald minecraft Says:

    ‘long time sub’i laughed, started watching at the start of the original
    hardcore, yeah before his current pc was build, and i agrre with the
    comment below, what has happened?

  9. turtleTeky Says:

    I remember Breny used to be so big.. what happened

  10. kostas tsiorvas Says:

    I love how you went off topic so unknowingly at 31:00

  11. Julian Wan Says:

    Breny I love ur vids <3
    Btw i want gamemode to fly around lol could u add that option

  12. DawVid Says:

    It would be cool it you made your market place tree bigger since it’s the
    center piece of the town/market. I just imagine it would look amazing if it
    was big enough that some leaves would be hanging over the circular path and
    that you could hang some lights from it. Love the series Breny!

  13. grassholebros Says:

    U should make this a server when you are done

  14. Yoshi Tran Says:

    Wow breny 60 eps good job i cant even do hardcore for that long without
    cheating… I dont really cheat

  15. Jack Cassidy Says:

    Hey Breny long time subscriber here from way back (~3 years) but stopped
    watching for a bit and just wanted to say you’ve really upped your videos
    content and quality since when i last watched, looking forward to getting
    back into the hardcore series now :):)

  16. BailezzzMC Says:

    The world is coming along very nicely, well done! :D

    PS: Accept me on PSN :P

  17. Nik coupe Says:

    Have an area for employee of the month! (in the factory) :P

  18. BrenyBeast - Minecraft Says:

    Hope you enjoy this well needed tour of my builds <3 ‪#‎Minecraft

  19. H2O Edits ~ Road to 200 Subs Says:



  20. Liam Kearton Says:

    Yo Breny, IDK if you can or will, and i know this is soon off topic but i
    would really appreciate it.
    On the Prison server i have a hacker rank, thanks to you
    but i was wondering if you would be able to pleas upgrade me to at least a
    gangster or hitman rank.


    nice video dude, sooooooooo muuuuucccch Redstone


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