Hardcore Minecraft Survival #59 – OCEAN MONUMENT BOSS BATTLE!

Hardcore Minecraft Survival #59 - OCEAN MONUMENT BOSS BATTLE!Missed an episode of this series? Click the link to view all the episodes of HARDCORE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL …

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Filed under BrenyBeast : Comments (20) : Apr 12th, 2015

20 Responses to “Hardcore Minecraft Survival #59 – OCEAN MONUMENT BOSS BATTLE!”

  1. Mikael Williams Says:

    You can’t have any armor on while invis 

  2. Ryan Johnson Says:

    Run 150 blocks away from all agro-pigman

  3. Assassin21XX Says:

    I’m early

  4. MyNameIzPaul Says:

    Try the 5 minute afk thing, apparently, 5 minutes and their anger resets.
    Apparently, but I did witness someone do it. btw this was on multiplayer

  5. Bomb11215 Come At Me Says:

    OMG my comment was number 21

  6. Jesse Thomas Says:

    under 301 club and an aussie well its 2:03 am but worth it GG.
    HCBB: Breny make a 20x20x20 tnt cube a bed rock and run away turn the hole
    into a house.

  7. patstar67 Says:

    Go to bed Breny it’s late 

  8. Dictator of God Says:

    Couldn’t see anything. It would be cool if you went back with night vision

  9. Yana Georgieva Says:

    i love all your videos breny <3 keep up with the amazing work :P also i am
    so glad it all went well :)

  10. Alex Hawk Says:

    pussy slayer the sword

  11. BailezzzMC Says:

    I’ve never actually gone into one of those so this video was actually very
    helpful, Thankyouuuuuu! :D

  12. Axel Geuvens Says:

    Nice video Breny

  13. Omar Lara Says:

    Call the factory “Breny’s meth lab” 

  14. Gusy Boy Says:

    Why so late Breny?

  15. LaggyJeenz Says:

    Hey Breny! I love your videos so much and keep doing what you’re doing! You
    inspired me to make youtube, you’re such an inspiration. You’ve also gave
    me so much ideas like I played prison on the server you’re playing on and I
    also started to play stranded craft too… Until I died… I just wanted to
    congratulate you on how big you’ve gotten and you’re the BEST PERSON EVER!
    Keep it up!

  16. Mariah Smith Says:

    Elder Guardian! btw you need take off your armor to be invisible for the
    potion to work! Just wanted to tell you +BrenyBeast – Minecraft (kiss) =D

  17. THunderStoRm221 Says:

    I’ve got the exact same armour as you in my hardcore :O :D By the way great
    video Breny! :)

  18. oftheBlazingNinjas Says:

    Breny, you should clear out all the water in the area of the monument to
    help mine out the blocks easier.

  19. Benton Justice Says:

    Love his sword name

  20. Julian Wan Says:

    breny make a guardian farm

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