Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.04 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Ep.04 - Scandinavia DLC AdventureEuro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.04 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» I got asked if I wanted to try out the new Scandinavia…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 5th, 2015

20 Responses to “Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.04 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure”

  1. Paul Hojda Says:

    Hahaha Norge kjempe fin

  2. Univali Says:

    wish i got this type of feedback :P i love yur subscribers<3

  3. ItzJuzt Huzzain Says:

    Keralis what a chill episode this was.. and im in love with Bergen, what a
    beautiful place!! Btw pls do more this videos.. Love them!! :)

  4. Nallebjörnen Says:

    Keralis, kan du åka till Helsingborg? Jag bor där!

  5. DankMeme420 Says:

    When are you gonna drive your dads truck? :)

  6. Razvan Baws Says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

  7. Figis 22 Says:

    Keralis.Can you have a giveaway of this game?

  8. Kommentar bot Says:

    +Keralis please buy a DAF ! there is one for 102.000€ (you should borrow
    some money of the bank)

  9. Ben vW Says:

    First jokes about Germans.
    Now bad talking about it`s company`s.
    Na just kidding :D.
    I am German myself.

  10. Tarjei Arnheim Says:

    Norwegian drivers are assholes, i know because i live there

  11. Gamer Jordy Says:


  12. Augustas35 Says:

    Thank you for making these series, i really enjoy it. Now my suggestion,
    get IVECO HI-WAY. I didn’t like IVECO As well, but like when i was driving
    it, the interior was like fabulous for me, don’t hate it that much. xD

  13. Skivenger Says:

    where are you from dude ? o_O

  14. James on xbox 1 Says:

    And u also got me into stranded deep please subscribe to me I do Vidoes on
    a channel called The Friendly Gamer I’d love if u liked my videos

  15. Univali Says:

    yo keralis do you know if there is a australia one? and if so can u play it
    one day

  16. Keralis Says:

    Enjoy all, thank you for the awesome support and the adventure continues!
    Bergen here I come! :)

  17. - Lets Build With Sketchup - Says:

    as a long time viewer iv started to notice you talk about the same things
    over and again

  18. Pexi P Says:

    Q&A: have you ever been drunk? If you were when?

  19. TurtleSpice Says:

    The New Volvo FH has a GPS in the cheap one. It was my first truck and I
    loved it.

  20. Keralis Says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.04 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure

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