Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.02 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Ep.02 - Scandinavia DLC AdventureEuro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.02 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» I got asked if I wanted to try out the new Scandinavia…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 25th, 2015

20 Responses to “Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.02 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure”

  1. MrRoflHD Says:

    aaand i’m here to watch it. time for 24mins of keralis. now i’m not too
    tired! :D

  2. Keralis Says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ep.02 – Scandinavia DLC Adventure

  3. SatanicTroll 73 Says:

    Congrats for not being a sell out like most successful Youtubers tend to
    be, good to see some people still have morals even in this day and age.
    Love your channel K, keep up the awesomeness.

  4. John madden Says:

    Do an unboxing of your new pc or the process of you build it!:) your
    unboxing videos are awesome. 

  5. mackedack Says:

    I can’t find this DLC anywhere! Anyone got a link?

  6. Daniel Kartov Says:

    hat wheel do u use? love u and keep it up!!

  7. MujGaming Says:

    I’m at 599 by tonight aiming for 600 the +1 would be amazing 

  8. Randy Nacol Says:

    Keralis as for Water Cooling , Wolv21 , his twitter is 21Wolv just built a
    beast of a Computer w/ water cooling , his Specks are on website is on his
    twitch channel , he also build it on screen and was going to put it up on
    his youtube . might ask him. He is someone i do trust for his truth and
    candid answers

  9. EduardoWerner PR Says:

    Algum Brasileiro?

  10. Otaku Sega Says:

    thanks for the relaxing game keralis ! ;) this is ain’t boring!

  11. Duckface117 Says:

    Deliver something to Aalborg

  12. Keralis Says:

    Quick trip! Hope you all enjoy and thank you so much for the support on the
    previous episode! You guys are amazing! <3

  13. Daan Mc Says:

    I respect all the work and effort going in most of your and other
    youtubers, but I don’t think it is fair to say that Youtube is a hard
    ‘job’. You are very luckey if you can make a great amount of money out of
    Youtube . There are lots of people working day and night and just having
    enough to come around.

  14. JanRod Columna Says:

    +Keralis do you still use your g27 steering wheel in playing ets2??

  15. Anna Skoglund Says:

    anyone just ANYONE answer


  16. kyrian lohuis Says:

    watch linustechtips for water cooling and other PC stuff 

  17. Clas Käck Says:

    Det skulle vara lättare att titta på din ets2 videor om du hadde trackir,
    Men om du precis har köpt hus så kanske du inte har pengar

  18. Richard Spot Says:

    Im sorry for this comment but Kerails FUCK that haters They are only 5+

  19. Eduardo Ascanio Says:

    And Suomi Finland? :C

  20. jimpan99 Says:

    so youtubers are like tv channels, they get sponsors that want to be on
    your channel to get the name out to the world

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