Etho’s Modded Minecraft #26: Aerial Interface

Etho's Modded Minecraft #26: Aerial InterfaceMinecraft modded. Today we look into the idea of connecting an Aerial Interface and the ME Bridge up to Jacklin, so that we can control the flow of items in and out of our inventory. Mod Pack…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : May 4th, 2015

20 Responses to “Etho’s Modded Minecraft #26: Aerial Interface”

  1. Dario Games Says:

    Im so early :D

  2. Qc Diamond Says:

    If you are reading this, have a wonderful day! <3

  3. maqhem Says:

    Sometimes when you ask for your stuff, Jacklin should just say no to tease
    you. We all know she *likes* likes you; that’s why she teases you. Other
    times she could give you extra stuff like cookies and fresh fruit. I mean,
    this is basically a two-person let’s play and Jacklin is half the reason we
    love this series :)

  4. BBQ gaming Says:

    The reason it doesn’t work is BC you’re using 1.8 data tags. Try using the
    number data tag for coal.

  5. Stuart Duncan Says:

    “I know how to Google guys” (14:05)
    ~ fun with sentences taken out of context.

  6. xSuperFryx Says:

    You should name the chest Chester like in Don’t Starve.

  7. Versabane Says:

    Calling it right now, naming the Jake-Ellen sending you items command
    ‘/kit’ will cause a few confused comments thinking you are using cheaty
    server commands :P

  8. Kalyan Derpescu Says:

    This is your reminder to like Etho’s videos, as he doesn’t actually mention
    it himself. You actually help Etho a lot by liking his videos, as it makes
    the YouTube algorythm recommend Etho more often. But also just because he
    makes amazing quality that we all actually like, right? :3

  9. SuperpwrCreeper101 Says:

    Tried to pause an ad, accedentally gave etho a few extra $$

  10. Patrick Brannan Says:

    *Having a bad day. My Skate 3 disc got scratches and that’s the only way I
    could play it but your videos are great :D Thanks Etho :D*

  11. PishT_ Says:

    Just happened to come across this in the under 100 club!

    And Etho, you could never make my day worse!!

  12. Ciecaper Says:

    Later than usual…. damn it etho… keeping me up until way too late
    How many of you have lost a lot of hours of sleep because of him?

  13. Cenimarus Gaming Says:

    im sick, and need sleep, but etho…

  14. EthosLab Says:
  15. i am the jesus Says:

    I found my god, the minecraft god

  16. Taylor Mcnabb Says:

    Etho I think it would be really cool if you could say “Hey Jacklin give me
    my battle gear” and she could send you your best armor. I’m not sure if
    this is possible but it would be cool to see sorta like Iron Man. Great vid
    like always!

  17. ThePlushNinja Says:

    i’ve got my snacks

  18. MrNikoZero Says:

    21:00 have you ever used mouse in your life? lol

  19. Bagel Master Says:

    Is Jacklin going to turn evil and kill you? I know that she has control
    over your items now…
    Just a warning :P

  20. Blukeyy Says:

    Go to the end grab chesty and your stuff then tell that machine to take the
    items out your inventory and die.

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