Etho’s Modded Minecraft #25: Pressure Chamber

Etho's Modded Minecraft #25: Pressure ChamberMinecraft modded. Today we begin setting up a pneumaticcraft room in the lab, and then make our way over to the End to check things out. Mod Pack Instructions – #1: Download FTB Launcher #2:…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Etho’s Modded Minecraft #25: Pressure Chamber”

  1. EthosLab Says:
  2. MasterSuperSaiyan Says:

    The hardest part of fighting the Ender Dragon is to find the End Portal!

  3. Frederik Bøgelund Says:

    Etho.I like when you say Jacklin because you pronounce it like ‘Jay-Quelin’

  4. Tomas Tamer Says:

    “Let me make some armor and stuff” he makes a helmet…typical Etho
    (sorry for my english btw :-D)

  5. SiXtY _DeP Says:

    What do you want with a “valve”?! It will take away all your money :c

  6. Adam Butler Says:

    what mod is the drawbridges mod from? if its a thing with tinkers like a
    content pack or summing wich one is it????

  7. Brain Cancer Says:

    “And so your back from outer space”
    your back

  8. Maarten29 Says:

    I tresting fact: Enderdragons name is Jean.

  9. Yifeng Yang Says:

    Only programmers will understand 3:03

  10. Colby jarvis Says:


  11. Colin B Plays Says:

    Love this series Etho! Your building skills are coming a long way!! Please
    keep this going to a while!

  12. BmwsuGameplay Says:

    Whoa Etho, it’s too early! I’m not ready yet, I don’t have my snacks!

  13. Stuart Duncan Says:

    Psst… Etho, it’s “ellipse”, not “eclipse” ;) (4:28)

  14. Gavin Batt Says:

    Don’t anyone say first

  15. Dylan Eves Says:

    under 301 club

  16. Ciecaper Says:

    Etho’s voice is so soothing I always end up trying not to go asleep half
    way through the video


  17. Oleg Kuzmin Says:

    I read the name of the episode as – Pleasure chamber

  18. Op GIados Says:

    I think the most liked Zelda game is Majoras mask

  19. Anna Burr Says:

    You know what I LOVE about the comments on Etho’s videos? There’s barely
    any hate! ;D

  20. EpicCityGaming Says:

    Stronghold right by spawn…that’s serendipitous. 

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