Etho’s Modded Minecraft #24: Etho’s Pet Care

Etho's Modded Minecraft #24: Etho's Pet CareMinecraft modded. Today I teach you how to take care of your pets. Then we try out the FLUDD, talk about plans for the lab, and check out a couple mystcraft worlds. Mod Pack Instructions -…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : Apr 24th, 2015

20 Responses to “Etho’s Modded Minecraft #24: Etho’s Pet Care”

  1. Timothy Little Says:

    +EthosLab were is ep.404 on your survival series cant way hope to see it

  2. Draggins _ Says:

    Etho voice cracked! We now can confirm he has a voicebox! 3:19

  3. Adelaie Linear Says:

    Was anyone else at the stream where Jacklin was flirting with Etho? That
    was awesome 

  4. Phijkchu Naqu Says:

    They need EXERCISE!!!

    *Pulls pet by neck and drives a motor boat*

  5. Dylan Strickland Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  6. EthosLab Says:
  7. JBrandão Says:

    Do you Even…

  8. Tom Zwaan Says:

    Pet care? Better nerf greninja

  9. Filip Gorski Says:


  10. HobbitGaming Says:

    Thanks for the tips, seems I’ve been doing it wrong all this time. My dog
    will be in for a shock.


  11. Ben Cross Says:

    Yog labs is awsome, super helpful for certain mods and Lewis and Simon are

  12. Linkhalosonic L.A.N Says:

    For those who don’t get it
    F.L.U.D.D Is basiclly a water gun in Super mario Sunshine.
    That is all

  13. BTeam - Q Says:

    Etho is the YouTuber I’ve followed the longest, my first episode of his

    Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 209: Upgrade Frenzy

    Who’s the YouTuber you’ve been with the longest? 

  14. Rctive Says:

    Well Etho…you call that fast? Well…you might want to dive into Minechem
    (if you have it) and get into Meth and Cocaine….huhuhu

  15. Red Velaze | Gaming Videos! Says:

    The title reminds me of your pet store on mindcrack season 3 server. Anyone
    else? :)

  16. Jewpons Says:

    FLUDD: Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device

    I love Super Mario Sunshine

  17. Matthew Mercado Says:

    Popcorn is not real

    Grabs god

  18. Bill Bob Joy Says:

    Etho, I have resorted to watching all of your videos on half speed to make
    them last longer

  19. Green Console Says:


  20. zakriboss (happyandfunny101) Says:

    Hey Etho, what happens if you wear boots of the traveler enchanted with
    haste III, have sonic the hedgehog 4 on mariculture jewelry, all while
    using the turbo mode?

    Fast. I’m guessing you go fast.

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