Etho’s Modded Minecraft #23: Scuba Spider

Etho's Modded Minecraft #23: Scuba SpiderMinecraft modded. Today is beach day! We meet up with scuba spider and go on an adventure pillaging and plundering the ocean floor. Mod Pack Instructions – #1: Download FTB Launcher #2: From…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : Apr 19th, 2015

20 Responses to “Etho’s Modded Minecraft #23: Scuba Spider”

  1. Malus Lupo Says:

    Open Blocks Elevators have used exp for a long time but most mod packs,
    even ftb, disable that for you ahead of time. Also if you make a way point
    at your pump the marker will show how far away you are from it.

  2. Andrew Gonzoles Says:

    You need to soul bound some of your important stuff (it is an enchantment
    from ars magica). This makes it so when you die, you keep certain things in
    your inventory. The only catch, there is a glitch where if you die in the
    end, all soul bound stuff is deleted. This should be fixed soon.
    P.S. You can soul bound your golden bags of holding too, and they keep
    everything in the, when you die.

  3. lolglitchmaster UHC Says:

    super mario sunshine is my favourite mario game

  4. Inverted Silence EDM Says:

    Etho! If you want the world rendering lagg to go away at high speeds, you
    should consider upgrading your processor! that will do the trick.

  5. ThePlushNinja Says:

    Etho make boots of the traveller. It lets you walk up blocks instead of

  6. EpicCityGaming Says:

    Son of a biscuit eater!
    Scuba Spider 2015

  7. Doc Holiday Says:

    Hey Etho, you should make a ender chest (not the vanilla one) and a ender
    pouch link the 2 together then hook up a import bus to it so when your
    traveling you can open your pouch put things in and they will automatically
    be pulled out of the chest and placed in the ME system. you may need a
    chunk or spot loader to keep the ME system and the chest loaded

  8. Matej Kovacevic Says:

    Etho got so mad he hit his desk and moved back in his chair, he must have
    been really at the edge to rage quit the game.

  9. Impaasta (Road To 100 Subs) Says:

    Stamplonghe- NO. JUST NO.

  10. Samurai Pipotchi Says:

    I’d rather your videos NOT just have background music. Just seems like it
    would be annoying if it’s not part of the gameplay.
    Although I’m completely cool with the idea of adding music to the towns –
    that would be part of the gameplay after all.

  11. GDswords Says:

    Using the elevator takes 1 xp level each time you use it

  12. Floureeek Says:

    Son of a biscuit eater!

  13. Pie master Says:

    Backup stampies… I couldn’t stop laughing. Haha

  14. ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ Says:

    Who else jumped when Etho blew up?

  15. Simon Bird Says:

    What do baby elephants eat?
    Food. –Jackin 2015

  16. Aidan Kennedy Says:

    Did you name him stampy after the Simpsons?

  17. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    Stampy how cute :p

  18. RileyTVS Says:

    all that work, all the risks he took, all the death……. just for a water

  19. HobbitGaming Says:

    I’ve never done any of the Mariculture stuff before, it looks interesting.


  20. Billy Dinsdale Says:

    Etho, You can turn off the Xp taking from elelevators by disabling it in
    the config, by acsessing the file in Notepad ++

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