Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 406: Hexadecimal Decoder

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 406: Hexadecimal DecoderMinecraft survival. Today we check out the changes I made to the Nexus storage room item code input. We do a little bit of man cave expansion and then go on a scouting mission to find a witch…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : May 5th, 2015

20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 406: Hexadecimal Decoder”

  1. Cenimarus Gaming Says:

    still sick, still need sleep, but etho…

  2. Fraser j Says:

    What’s everyone’s age? just curious, please reply with your ages

  3. xisumavoid Says:

    The slimeblocks in tunnels would also need the blocks they touch removed
    too, so it would end up being pretty big and time consuming to dig :-)

  4. Lapis Sea Says:

    Hey Etho I’ve got a question for you! How much time do you spend on
    programming? And if you could make an item or a block with a special effect
    in or ability in minecraft how would it be called and what would it do?
    Stay awesome as always!

  5. EthanCGamer Says:

    lol Etho… HexYdecimal??? HexAdecimal!

  6. SMOSH Says:

    ETHO! Witch hut at -2520 70 1895
    BTW please update your download to your world =) -menonmoon

  7. MasterSuperSaiyan Says:

    Etho puts out his videos at the best times. I am about to eat and then I
    see that Etho has a video up, I cast it to my tv and i enjoy a good meal
    watching quality Minecraft videos. 

  8. Mr.BigStuff Says:

    Does anyone know how to fix a flickering screen?

  9. Willem Rietman Says:

    Hi Etho! Do you know that today Dutch independence day is? The Canadian
    forces has won the war in the Netherlands towards the Germans. And there
    are a lot of old Canadian soldiers. I wrote this to you because youre
    Canadian and I though that you know this. And this was a nice video, keep
    up the good work!

    – Greating from the Netherlands

  10. RedSt0neP0wered Says:

    :/ im bored.
    *new Etho video*
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. John David Gray Says:

    I’ll get you coords if you get me a seed. Deal? Deal. (Provided via world

    Try these: -896, 3296; -4496, -960; 3584, 576; 3312, -3008; [3744, -3392;
    3616, -3776] (plus 4 more relatively nearby); [-208, -9520; 80, -9696]

    (I grouped potential doubles in brackets; 2nd set much more likely)

  12. EthosLab Says:
  13. Mrzmbie Says:

    Why do I feel like I have seen this before? Atleast the 7B torch..

  14. Stefan Kamzol Says:

    17:34….Is that Etho’s morning voice I hear?

  15. Alasdair Reese Says:

    Hey Etho, what is your job IRL? 

  16. BTDCraft Says:

    Happy 50k Subs! (Sorry if this is late I’m using internet explorer)

  17. david kado Says:

    Etho you have played a total of 120,000 minutes playing on your world,
    which is 23.4082397% of a year. Keep playing that world and you’ll hit 1
    year of playing time. :) P.S. There are (roughly) 512,640 minutes in a

  18. Djosjowa Says:

    Am i the only one who doesn’t hear the difference between “morning Etho”
    and “normal Etho”?

  19. PangeaCake Says:

    Etho, you should make it so you toss in one item of what you want into a
    hopper, and then choose the amount of that item you want. This way all you
    have to do is put one of every item in a few double chests and replace that
    item later with one you get from the system. IMO this seems easier to use
    than hexadecimal

  20. Ethan Epperson Says:

    I would correct you, but I know you’re doing it on purpose.

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