Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 405: The EnderPorter

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 405: The EnderPorterMinecraft survival. Today we look into the idea of building an EnderPorter, a device that suspends thrown enderpearls and allows you to teleport to them on command. Pi’s Rotor:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 405: The EnderPorter”

  1. Lalulila Lavilly Says:

    If Etho used his mod pack for last episode, then what’s ACTUALLY behind the

  2. TheNoerdy1221 Says:

    +Sancarn and +ultimateredstone And test137e29 came up with this first, Pi
    just improved it. :)

  3. TheAlphaBravoKilo Says:

    Hey Etho, did you ever finish the Simon color game? I thought that was an
    interesting project and was wondering if it just didn’t work out. Keep
    making fun videos!

  4. Like My Comment \/ Says:

    I can’t find the last episode

  5. ExsiGames Says:

    Teleporter in Vanilla Minecraft:


  6. EthosLab Says:
  7. metaKnightSpamer777 Says:

    20:45 that looks kind of neat actually. maybe make them all look like
    obelisks? that might be cool. maybe out of end-stone.

  8. Pechna ¨ Says:

    Adventure map traps with teleporter incoming, like you walk somewhere and
    you suddenly port into a lava…

  9. Carl S Says:

    My whole afternoon is planned out Im gonna catch up on Etho haha I have no
    life bye

  10. landon hall Says:

    What does ethos lab record with I wanna know so bad 

  11. NY GIANTS FAN Says:

    Why did you have to use furnaces in your ender bouncing machine 

  12. James kelly Says:

    What are the changes with Pigmen in 1.8.4??

  13. │Volkenn│ Says:

    The EnderPorter sound like a toilet for Endermen…

  14. iZanoVic Says:

    Etho why not use Wireless redstone to trigger the enderporters. I haven’t
    seen them used in a while and never played with it myself, but i believe if
    you use panes, you can use multiple triggers for the same output

  15. Roy Hess Says:

    21:03 I think it drops because of light updates, please try “smooth
    lightning” turned all the way down if that helps.
    At least give it a try!
    Hope that helps :)

  16. Tony Stark Says:

    Plz make a tutorial! Please! I beg you!

  17. SimplySarc Says:

    I just love that this is *finally* both possible and practical for
    survival. It’s taken years for the community to discover and collect all
    the puzzle pieces and this is the prize. Wonderful.

  18. Scratch Says:

    Alright guys, just 15 episodes till the big one.

  19. VIIflegias Says:

    ‘it had a lot of dislikes’….619 (over 28000 likes). cry me a fucking

  20. zakriboss (happyandfunny101) Says:

    So I’m only 3/4 of the way through the video, but why not just use wireless
    redstone like Test did?

    Also, why not use An arrow chunkloader like test did? I don’t believe it’s
    patched yet.

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