Eedze’s adventures in Minecraft 77: castle expansion and meeting Docm77

Eedze's adventures in Minecraft 77: castle expansion and meeting Docm77I met docm at minecon and we talked a bit. he gave me a shoutout which i included in the video. I’m also doing a tour trough my newest addition to the castle and show some things i have updated in my world. strangely my treefarm seems to be working again. and my elevator is trolling me again. Check out my world download: sometimes I stream some gameplay on twitch. subscribe to my channel to find out when I am streaming:

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  1. thorzain1998 Says:

    Great vid
    I have a couple of questions tough.
    1- you sound dutch, are you
    2- can you explain some building stuff ingame?
    3- if the 2 questions are yesses then can you add me on skype to just talk and play minecraft?
    4. I would really like it if i can help with the map offscreen.

    Greetings from your biggest fan in the netherlands

  2. adaz240 Says:

    Aww good for u meeting doc :)

  3. Theheroherculeast Says:


  4. JMoff322 Says:

    beginning is awesome :).

  5. Gameattacks Says:

    Only 78 views????

  6. 123japanguy Says:

    eedze can you send me your texture pack please, its awesome thanks.

  7. TheRealColman7000 Says:

    what song is his intro?

  8. kase gar Says:

    I would have been first view and comment if my computer didnt freeze up as i was about to click the video to watch it

  9. Gameattacks Says:

    Eedze I am a moderate minecraft builder and I was wondering if we Skype or something and you could teach me redstone or good building techniques. My email is

    PS: I am also a huge fan of tyken

  10. GazDude9 Says:

    You always said u wanted to meet Docm, glad you met him :D

  11. legolas42700 Says:

    Eedze You are truely the best person ever!

  12. stopmotioncentraltv Says:


  13. steveo12ish Says:

    Eedze that is awesome! You are my favourite youtuber!!

  14. dreans16 Says:

    Nice you got to meet docm!

  15. m4j0rfr34k Says:

    for the actuall castle make it a 2 part one, a public garden and curch in the front part and the royal family part behind another gate

  16. 12hitmo Says:

    Hey eedze, I was wondering if you could please tell me which texture pack your items came from please

  17. GazDude9 Says:

    Hey Eedze, check your inpox mate :D thanks man

  18. Torchie005 Says:

    Episode 77 with a shout out from Docm77… thats a lot of sevens, good to know you got to talk to him :D

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