Eedze’s adventures in minecraft 76. the vegetables of labor

Eedze's adventures in minecraft 76. the vegetables of laborindeed :) not fruits. but new kinds of food for a healthy change of diet. i go out in search for new resources. also talk a bit about my minecon experiences. I hope you enjoy. next episode will have a world download Miarufrosts channel:

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  1. HaruHaru799 Says:

    Eedze did u saw Doc in minecon?and did u get the cape?

  2. 1313superman13 Says:

    great to see another video eedze please do some more building

  3. 26joshman Says:


  4. TerribleTrace Says:

    great video eedze maybe a texturepack update?

  5. eedze Says:

    thanks. its good to be back

  6. TheSamuraiApocalypse Says:

    Just commenting to stop faggots from saying FIRST!



  8. JMoff322 Says:

    awesome to hear that you got to meet Doc!

  9. GazDude9 Says:

    Hey Eedze, I need to talk to you more :) reply to my message yeah? i need to ask you something else too but i cant remember at the moment? again awesome vid! thanks

  10. FloydtheFlamingo Says:

    Very entertaining video, kept me from studying Spanish lawl. Can’t wait for more.

  11. m4j0rfr34k Says:

    these vids sure are entertaining,

  12. minecraftMANia132 Says:

    love the video glad you had fun and minecon lol, You should talk to Guude or Doc sence you are close about joining mindcrack i would love to see you on there

  13. TheSamuraiApocalypse Says:

    by the way, glad to see you back ;)

  14. Manuel Arreola Says:

    Hey Eedze welcome back..!!! Cool world map Eedze its looking great, im glad your back cant wait for the next episode, have a nice day.

  15. steveo12ish Says:

    Yes! Glad I stayed up late!!!!

  16. legolas42700 Says:

    Awesome video eedze! :)

  17. evildeamondgameplay Says:

    Thank you so much for coming back, ive been waiting for ages. Great to see you again

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