Eedze’s adventures in Minecraft 75: Back in action

Eedze's adventures in Minecraft 75: Back in actionI am back. Its been a while. to familiarize everyone with my world, I will do a long awaited world tour. I hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for all your support!

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  1. HaruHaru799 Says:


  2. Bearsosmart Says:

    Ur so good at building eedze!

  3. wasiem2000presents Says:

    {Your back!!!} (^0^)

  4. legolas42700 Says:

    Btw congratz on 75 succecful Let’s play video’s

  5. Mcboy2000 Minecraft Says:

    Finaly back!

  6. TheDragongodd Says:


  7. TheDragongodd Says:

    13:12 that’s a nice tv you have there ashamed if something happend to it heehehheheheheheheheheeheheheh

  8. Ian Essig Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful return. Can’t wait for more episodes!

  9. M111OVD Says:

    Good to see you back!

  10. IcyBreezySoap Says:

    Thankyou your back your the best ! 104th viewer!

  11. KinunFreshPu Says:

    Yes eedze is back…your fans missed u :)

  12. steveo12ish Says:

    WHY DID I MISS THIS EARLIER!!!! AAAH!!!! Tour yeeeeey! :D

  13. Adeking97 Says:

    Thank god you’re back! I have been waiting for ages, though now im happy!

  14. ACSchepers Says:

    Hey Eedze. Have fun in France. Maybe we can play minecraft with me and walsj together. Thinking about making a gigantic castle. but i need the time for that as i have practicum aswell and i never done a big project D:. Greets, Byakura.

  15. dak2217 Says:

    Eedze could you please post your terrain,png and item.png, since you cant post the texture pack itself. Thanks Glad your back Eedze :)

  16. enzolampert Says:

    \o/ Finally!!

  17. lTrepZl Says:

    Eedze!!!!!! YOUR BACK!!! Keep the good work up!

  18. adaz240 Says:

    Great video eedze though I would got mentioned about the enchanting setup and my designe but that’s a bit selfish of me anyway great video :D

  19. legolas42700 Says:

    Amazing vide eedze :)

  20. TheLimpingBarbarian Says:

    Eedze is back!  \(^O^)/

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