Eedze’s adventures in Minecraft 74: minecon and a ton of cocoabeans

Eedze's adventures in Minecraft 74: minecon and a ton of cocoabeansI gotta sleep. save available tomorrow

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  1. kase gar Says:

    when do you plan to have another livesteam?

  2. blackbrick4321 Says:

    Another amazing let’s play Eedze!! You deserve wayyyyyyyy more subscribers! Keep up the good work Eedze!

  3. MrHappyOwl Says:

    Fuck you.

  4. JockeTG Says:

    tutorial on your gatehouse ?

  5. JGMadness1 Says:


  6. enzolampert Says:

    Edze, do the jail in the basement of your trone room, it could have windows to the abysm!

  7. JGMadness1 Says:

    can you sow a vid on you elevator in your barn???

  8. Jeffrey Wark Says:


  9. Jeffrey Wark Says:

    thank you

  10. Zach Graves Says:


  11. RolDuHastLoflGesagt Says:

    25:27 … Nope :)

  12. declanabrooks1999 Says:


  13. ObeseSqueaker Says:

    Love ur builds eedze :)

  14. MrHappyOwl Says:

    Amazing. I luv your vids and your world. You will always have atleast 1 subscriber. Like if he will have more.

  15. JMoff322 Says:

    Its awesome that you are going to Minecon! Are you going to be making a Vlog of some of it?

  16. GodlyWeAre Says:

    …shut up.

  17. bigDADDYeatyou Says:

    I can’t wait for the save, you are #1. lots of love nothing gay.

  18. Jeffrey Wark Says:

    can you put subtitles please it is kinda hard to understand you

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