Eedze’s adventures in Minecraft 73: party with creepers and the castle entrance

Eedze's adventures in Minecraft 73: party with creepers and the castle entranceWelcome to Eedze’s adventures in Minecraft.Today I have a little party in my basement and a bunch of creepers decided to show up. I’ll also start building on the entrance portcullis gate towards my soon to be done castle I’m gonna do some livestreaming tomorrow. Not sure of the time yet. check back in a few hours to see the announcement video.

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  1. eedze Says:

    I’ve had a bit of trouble with villagers. I do not think it will work out

  2. eedze Says:

    The layout for my house does not allow for it. And its convenient to have them on multiple important locations

  3. eedze Says:

    Thanks. its part of GerudokuRPG. the texturepack that I based my own on.

  4. eedze Says:

    yes they are always in 720p. getting you quality footage.

  5. bigDADDYeatyou Says:

    Eedze what type of recording software do you use?

  6. eedze Says:

    Its GerudokuRPG with some of my own edits.

  7. eedze Says:

    I had to take it down on request of the original texturepack artist. which is perfectly reasonable

  8. Adeking97 Says:

    nice work mate the castle is comming along very good and it was the perfect timing since i am ill but well now i am cheered up!

  9. eedze Says:

    that is kind of late.

  10. JockeTG Says:

    dont change the storage room it looks nice enough right now :D

  11. TheSamuraiApocalypse Says:

    Love your videos, keep it up man.

  12. eedze Says:

    already working on another episode

  13. monkeyace12345 Says:

    Could you maybe put out a world download?

  14. LynxATS Says:

    your armor in your texture pack looks amazing. just saying

  15. kris220b Says:

    WOW 468 diamonds

  16. 12hitmo Says:

    Hey eedze. What happened to the texture pack dl

  17. MrHubububu63 Says:

    Eeddze this or probably really obvious,but are you videos in HD because all other videos I watch they don’t take to long to load but yours seem a bit longer. Anyway love your vids :)

  18. eedze Says:

    I use fraps to record and Live movie maker to edit and render the video’s

  19. eedze Says:

    No need for hate :) I think its kind of childish when people start picking on the first poster

  20. eedze Says:

    next episode when the gate house is finished

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