Eedze plays The Darkness 2 part 9: Raining Blood

Eedze plays The Darkness 2 part 9: Raining BloodI awaken from this horrible Nightmare that was lacking all that I love. A lot of people did things they should be regretting. I am here to make sure that they will know the price of their actions. I can not stop the rage that is inside of me. My craving of blood, my lust for slaughter, the vengeance. But I will have to hold it in for now. its not the time to lose control yet. A lot of people have suffered and died just because they were close to me. and out of respect for them, I can not allow it to lose myself yet. While I was out and imagining me being inside some crazy asylum, the Darkness reconstructed my ruined face. Just in time for the funeral, The rain reminds me of the sadness. The darkness that is also called loneliness, because those that you loved are no longer there. it reminds me of Eddie who picked the shortest straw and give his life for Frank. and of aunt Sara. who was old and wise. Like the mother I never had. and it reminds me of someone I lost long ago. the light in my life that was extinguished. my dear love, Jenny Its a beautiful day for a Funeral. The rain that pours down on all of us. that soaks us right to our bones. like drops of blood that cover the surroundings when you pop someones head off

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  1. enzolampert Says:

    Eedze, the weekend savior!!

  2. creatingthepaintrain Says:

    maybe its better if i stop watching these vids cuz im getting confused

  3. eedze Says:

    You can soon. I had to make a small edit afterwards.
    meanwhile take a look at Madnes64 ‘s channel. I just feel like promoting him a bit because i am impressed with his latest video :)

  4. ObeseSqueaker Says:

    good job eedze!! :)

  5. Torchie005 Says:

    Damn youtube :C
    Won’t let me watch it right now…

  6. eedze Says:

    Thank you!

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