CS:GO – The Comeback is REAL! (Match Highlights)

CS:GO - The Comeback is REAL! (Match Highlights)CS:GO – The Comeback is REAL! (Match Highlights) Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn I’m no pro CS player, just a derping and shooting for fun….

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Aug 22nd, 2014

20 Responses to “CS:GO – The Comeback is REAL! (Match Highlights)”

  1. Al3k5 Says:

    When Global?

  2. TnlGaming Says:

    What do you mean “i no good cs player”?You are mlg dude ! :D

  3. Yean Liew Says:

    quick tip. dont move and shoot xD it makes your bullets go miles, do the cs
    go wiggle! 

  4. Brandon Hunt Says:

    We miss the lets builds:(

  5. Cris Gogo Says:

    What rank are you Keralis?

  6. failstreet99 Says:

    pls play 1.6

  7. iFlare Says:

    Keralis > Get_Right. Keralis for NiP 2015!

  8. Mia Gonzalez Says:

    I’ve never played this but it looks fun

  9. chaoticlegend Says:

    You are amazing at this game you probaly had 40 or 50 kills gg :D

  10. liam russell Says:

    Any one want ak case hardened minimal wear? $25

  11. HeyRustyJonty Says:

    My quick tip of the day.. Use the P250 on the T side and the CZ-75 on the
    CT side

  12. bsinctone Says:

    Do you need only CS:GO to play this or al of the CS?? So i can buy just
    CS:GO on Steam for 10.99€?

  13. JED Productions Says:

    please dont turn into a cs:go player. i love the inspiration series

  14. hUEGEN Live Says:

    How you get silver? Mate you play much better then most gold novas :D! Keep
    it up mate!

  15. PBR1819 Says:

    It looks like the dust 2 the one that bdoubleo100 is building

  16. MrXHunteX Says:

    Daaaaaaaym from 11-2 to 13-16 daym bruh that is goooooood 

  17. SenpaiEdits ♥ Says:

    Half of the players here are silver or don’t know what CS is. ANYONEEEE IM

  18. Keralis Says:

    Please bare in mind, I no good CS player. I just play for funnsies but I do
    see tons of rage-quitting and name calling. Please play the game to the end
    since BOT Frodo really does suck! <3 Enjoy. (also this was not record just
    took the match highlights from the game). 

  19. ethan heidt Says:

    Keralis can i play with you you’re my favorite youtuber I put you pic on my
    Instagram and my steam name is FukHerRightInDaPussy

  20. andy caraballo Says:


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