CS:GO – Team Putin & Keralis aka Sir-Miss-a-Lot

CS:GO - Team Putin & Keralis aka Sir-Miss-a-LotCS:GO – Team Putin & Keralis aka Sir-Miss-a-Lot Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn First recorded match, hope you all enjoy! Make sure you check…

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20 Responses to “CS:GO – Team Putin & Keralis aka Sir-Miss-a-Lot”

  1. Ice Fire Says:

    Keralis when you peaked in first round your mistake was stay in the same
    position try and get in a different position so they are not sure where to

  2. LazerGamer Says:

    Keralis focus on headshots

  3. Per Nilsentorsken Says:

    The feels when u have 7 days ban and you watch this video ;c

  4. Kirill Shemeta Says:

    Keralis, I can’t believe that. You play CS GO. :3
    I like this game and want to play with you very much. My English isn’t very
    good,but I can speak. My nickname is shemetec24. I’ll add you to friends
    .You are my favorite YouTuber, I like your let’s builds very much. Only
    de_dust2. Let’s go)) 

  5. blackgnome12 Says:

    Love to see some more let’s builds

  6. Keralis Says:

    @23:06 my proudest point in game. :p

  7. ManiakM77 Says:

    Jesteś polakiem O_O

  8. kevin smith Says:

    I dont understand the ranking in this game. I consider myself a decent play
    I average about 30 kills a game. I don’t really have great teammates, but I
    still personally do well. I am only the rank where it is >>>, so silver 3?
    What do I do to rank up?

  9. MiniFigureKIDD Says:

    First! Besides Keralis.. 

  10. Keralis Says:

    Lets derp it up! Hope you all enjoy, the first recorded match with awkward
    commentary, please do leave tips & tricks so I can get better! <3

  11. Avelin Canela Says:

    Keralis, a good tip that a lot of people don’t really think about is
    Crosshair placement. You gotta place it towards their head. But if you know
    where the guy is aim it at the wall and walk out to where you think it will
    line up.

  12. MrBDayz Says:

    keralis… did you get carried to your rank? x)
    jk I know you play for fun :D as it should be! :)

  13. xNeon Twinx Says:

    If you shoot from closer range try to crouch so your accuracy increases.
    Other tip is that whe you go along long and you go inside that little place
    along to t spawn walk inside that littleplace so they cant hear you and
    surprise you.

  14. Joakim Geithus Says:

    I think u’re ok Nova I player, but here is some tips from a Nova Master
    player (IIII). When u went long u showed em all of ur body, you should
    almost be able to see the place ur aiming for. That makes it difficult for
    em to hit u.

    U went yolo on a short at the end before u had looked good enought after
    some players, so u ended up with standing 100% in the open shooting an
    enemy, that hidded behind some boxes.

    U also spendt some money on Zeus u could have saved, i know it’s funny to
    use, but sometimes u might miss 100 or 200 :/

    Idk what kind of headset/ headphi\ones u use, but a the sounds u and
    enemies make can be a game-changer. Way importante :D

    When i was a Nova I player, i played with and against Jesus bin Nazaret,
    one of ur enemies :D

  15. Sittin'Sidewayz Says:

    the reason you hear alot of russians is because this is their training

  16. TheRussainGamer ! Says:

    Sub to me and I will sub back with 3 accounts peace!

  17. joebob1599 Says:

    im a pretty low rank lower than you but one thing you could do is make a
    different crosshair you can google or something to find one

  18. LardBucket Says:

    Hi Keralis! I’m a Distinguished Master Guardian in CS:GO, which certainly
    isn’t the best, but I have enough experience to hopefully offer some
    helpful tips:

    – Find your mouse sensitivity. It’s good to have a lower sensitivity where
    you have full control of your movements and your crosshair doesn’t seem
    “twitchy”. Once you find a comfortable DPI and in-game sensitivity, stick
    with it and practice flickshotting (moving your crosshair very quickly to a
    precise point).
    – Crosshair placement is very important. Always aim at head level. You
    don’t want to be aiming at the floor because an enemy isn’t going to be
    popping out of there. Try to aim where the opponent’s head will appear.
    For example: when rounding corners, try to “hug” them with your crosshair.
    This makes it so you don’t have to move very much if an enemy ends up
    being there.
    – Always check your corners. Many players, especially on eco rounds, will
    attempt to hide in odd places around tight corners to try and get a kill
    and nab your gun. Whenever you enter a room that you’re not 100% sure is
    safe, quickly scan your surroundings to make sure nobody’s trying to ambush
    you. You’ll get better at this as you improve your mouse/aiming skills.
    – Armor is so important. This doesn’t seem to be a huge problem with you,
    but you always should have armor (except for some eco rounds where you need
    to save money). If you’re shot without armor, your aim will be thrown off
    and your screen will move in a random direction (this is called aimpunch).
    Aimpunch is unforgiving: it means that if you’re shot even once by the
    enemy, your aim is gone and your chances of survival are essentially gone.
    – I would recommend against buying the CZ during a pistol round. They’re
    great for eco rounds where the other team is buying, but its very limited
    ammo with high rate of fire means that you can easily run out of shots and
    be completely helpless.
    – Use your audio! Sound is crucial in CS because it can let you know of
    the location of your enemies. If you learn how to use your sound well, you
    can anticipate enemy maneuvers and rushes before they happen and have time
    to prepare. This goes both ways, though. Use the walk key whenever you
    don’t want the enemy to know your location.

    There’s TONS of other points out there, but those are a few important ones.
    I would add more but I don’t want this comment to be an essay. I’m glad
    you’ve obtained an interest in CS. It’s a great game and I look forward to
    seeing you improve!

  19. MogeTo333 Says:

    Suggestion: Play with Anders!

  20. Patrick Star Says:

    K:I speak polish.
    Everybody:Curva Curva Curva!

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