Cities Skylines – Ep.23 : Epic Modular Football Stadium!

Cities Skylines - Ep.23 : Epic Modular Football Stadium!Cities Skylines – Ep.23 : Epic Modular Football Stadium! Don’t forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» â–‹ Missed an episode? Here is the…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 4th, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines – Ep.23 : Epic Modular Football Stadium!”

  1. Quinwin Says:

    Some smart guy HAS to make a keralis soundboard APP!!! With classics like
    “what is love” “absolutely cray cray” “keralis pipe job” “mayday were
    sinking” “ice ice baby” and” HAPPEY FACES!”
    Would download it! :o

  2. Eroa Says:

    I don’t know if you can do this because I don’t have the game but, can’t
    you make a little zone where the Football stadium is, and ban all traffic?

  3. Solor Portal Says:

    My best friend husband just died so the next time you name a district could
    you name it after him and yes it might be a boring district name but it
    would bean a lot Tom me: his name is Tom

  4. Narendra Bagis Says:

    Keralis just download another bunch of skyscrapers mod and put the burj on
    the middle of them its still gonna eye catching but I mean burj kalifa derp

  5. MiniChiz32 Says:

    An idea for the stadium could be “Waterpoo’s Waterview Stadium”

  6. Henrik Loetvedt Says:

    Noooooo! Don’t connect Times Square to the football stadium! Make a
    separate district called Santiago Bernabeu!!

  7. Daniel Cooper Says:

    If you right click with the upgrade on the one way road it switches the
    direction of the road

  8. Diamond Gaming Says:

    Put the Burj on an island in the lake! Bushify it and make it look good. It
    might look okay.

  9. kaylee! Rian! Says:

    Madison square garden is a theatre 

  10. Keralis Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.23 : Epic Modular Football Stadium!

  11. LrdZye Says:

    I totally agree that the Burj Khalifa tower looks too stupid in your city,
    if the mod creater could have made it smaller it would be totally alright

  12. Keralis Says:

    HD will be here soon! This took the whole episode but we kinda made it and
    it looks top notch! What do you think of it? Enjoy!

  13. Keralis Says:

    Also, there will be some toddler battlecry’s in this episode! :) Sorry….

  14. Håvard Sættem Says:

    Can you make a world download?

  15. The GamingShoww Says:

    place also the the Feyenoord football stadium ( the kuip )

  16. Elemeno Says:


    Buildings you should get from the Steam Workshop:

    3 World Trade Center
    Wayne Enterprises
    Space Shuttle
    Quinto Tower
    Rocketbeans TV Station
    Apple Store (iPhone Building)
    Mirny Diamond Mine
    Osaka Castle
    Neuschwanstein Castle

    Parks you should get from the Steam Workshop:

    Inactive Ancient Stargate
    Basketball Outdoor Court

    Some Mods you should have:

    No Traffic Light Mod
    Day & Night Cycle Mod

    I hope you consider some of these!

  17. Trent Likes Trains Says:

    Madison square garden is for hockey and basketball

  18. frost Says:

    cant you do anti parking law on stadium zone?

  19. EduardoWerner PR Says:

    Keep the Burj Khalifa, but build something special around it, like an
    office building zone

  20. Matthew Zank Says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like that really tall building?

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