Cities Skylines – Ep.22 : Small Commercial District

Cities Skylines - Ep.22 : Small Commercial DistrictCities Skylines – Ep.22 : Small Commercial District Don’t forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» â–‹ Missed an episode? Here is the playlist…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 2nd, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines – Ep.22 : Small Commercial District”

  1. BNR Games Says:

    I love your vids Keralis,especially this series. I’ve been watching your
    vids since April of 2013, my first vid I saw was a minecraft how to make a
    palm tree and I watched your hobbit house vids to. Keep up the good work. 

  2. Nicholas Davies Says:

    The burn Khalifa is the tallest sky scraper in the world and is in
    Dubai…I love giving facts to aldults.. XD

  3. KloruzHD Says:

    I get an orgasm when you say “here” :D

  4. Noah Kahl Says:

    Swastika Valley

  5. Sayumi Hachi Akuma Says:

    I’ve never been in IKEA and now I am sad abou it :\ kinda XD

  6. Captnn Clutch Says:

    You should go afk for a couple hours to build up lots of cash!!

  7. MrLallebolle Says:

    You liek eggs?

  8. KillerSkull Says:

    Mr. Keralis… create an island inside the lake and place the khalifa tower
    there with paths connecting to it…i think it would look cool

  9. OfficialYogCubed Says:

    Another amazing video Keralis. Love this series!

  10. Battlecommando LP Says:

    Yeah Saudi Arabia is a very peacefull place. Of course

  11. ASDFGaming Says:

    Great video buddy thanks for all your effort into these episodes ! Btw call
    the shopping district “Zalando” 

  12. Keralis Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.22 : Small Commercial District

  13. expwner1 Says:

    Put the aquarium on that little island that you made 

  14. AwesomeSauce Gaming and More Says:

    hey keralis ive been watching you for a while now but i have finnaly gotten
    a channel so now you might be seeing more of me!!

  15. JerylGamer Salas Says:

    Please please please put a burg khalifa in your city XD

  16. R0YALHeiny Says:

    ‘craaaa four is enough.’
    Keralis – 2015

  17. Verner Chushenko Says:

    New Pork (New for New York and Pork for Meatballs) =)

  18. Ádám Molnár Says:

    Enable big business benefactor and small business enthusiast. It will help
    with the commercial probleme, and boost your incomes.

  19. amtrak151 Says:

    place the really tall building in the commercial district plz plz plz

  20. Keralis Says:

    Better late than never I guess. Enjoy all and thank you for being awesome!

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