Cities Skylines – Ep.21 : The Black Gold!

Cities Skylines - Ep.21 : The Black Gold!Cities Skylines – Ep.21 : The Black Gold! Don’t forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» â–‹ Missed an episode? Here is the playlist – http://goo…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines – Ep.21 : The Black Gold!”

  1. Parker Hulme Says:

    District 12

  2. Jack and Lucas gaming Says:

    Name the district Dallas because they have oil

  3. KC :D Says:

    Idk what to call it, but since your city is associated with poo…

    Out of the toilet Oil

    Sewer Oil

    Oil Excrement (excrement is another word for poo if you didn’t know)


    These are original and is from me.

    Please don’t copy .-. Thanks


  4. Wayne Valiante Says:

    Episode 21 – Bush adding 2015

  5. Keralis Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.21 : The Black Gold!

  6. Potato Douche Says:

    Name the region: SipsCo

  7. patryk Trzcinski Says:

    the oil industry name should be : pumping poop

  8. Aydin Cebi Says:

    Things repeated in this series:
    “It is what it is”
    “Its thise small things in life”

  9. Pigo10000 Says:

    I think you should name it Saudi Arabia.

    I’m sorry XD

  10. Quashguy2150 Says:

    Suggestion: PumpyPoo


  11. Ben Bailey Says:

    hey keralis, quick question, how popular in school were u? if he has
    mentioned it in any other video, please tell me. Btw I am not trying to
    diss him, I just want to know out of curiosity like north Korea when they
    ask if America has nuclear missiles, it isn’t for war, it is for curiosity.

  12. Stuk Says:

    Connect the oil district the the freight district

  13. Rory Evans Birks Says:

    the name for the oil pumping place (lafayette heights) should be “who cares
    about nature”

  14. movieboysHD Says:

    KERALIS love ur vids, they are amizing also you should put no more high
    density all packed together you should build the rest of your city with
    only low density! You should pack evrverything in all the little spaces you
    need to put housed also what makes your city look really nice is that if
    you build between your low density little places where you put a little
    skyscraper also most cities in the world ( big cities like los angeles)
    have 1/25 part of the city are skyscrapers only new york has like 1/8
    skyscrapers. You should make it like that, i think that will look really
    nice. Hopefully you see this, BYE keep up the good vids!!!!

  15. Daniel Cooper Says:

    Please build more unique building and monuments!!!! Thu,bs up comment
    please guys!!!

  16. Passion Power Performance Says:

    Name it ‘Dubai’.

  17. Andrija Dragutinovic Says:

    Cal it Brown Sauce Incorporated

  18. Swami Dubuc Says:

    At one point you had 66 666 people in the city
    Satanic city
    Illuminati confirmed .-.

  19. SwiftFilms Says:

    Keralis, Upgrade your highways to highways with sound barriers, its the
    other kind.
    So that the noise pollution will go away! And i promise there will be alot
    of Happay facas :D Like this so that Keralis will see!
    Also add a harbor for the next episode! But be carefull they add alot of
    traffic :)

  20. CatoGrove Says:

    Name it Jurassic poo

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