Cities Skylines – Ep.19 : The Memorial Park!

Cities Skylines - Ep.19 : The Memorial Park!Cities Skylines – Ep.19 : The Memorial Park! Don’t forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» â–‹ Missed an episode? Here is the playlist -…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines – Ep.19 : The Memorial Park!”

  1. Keralis Says:

    Dear friends, I had my parents here all day and now just going to relax and
    enjoy an evening with the wife. So Cities Skylines will resume tomorrow
    with an airport! :)

  2. RIcky Kandle Says:

    There should be a mod in which you can make your own parks and adjust the
    places of where people can go or walk on. 

  3. Honey Moldy Cheese Says:

    call the memorial park the”Celestial falls” It will fit because fall mean
    autumn and you have autumn trees their. Its beautiful park also so
    celestial will fit the scenery.

  4. slash flash Says:

    On the Memorial is written: In memorial of the victims of the planecrash on
    14th march 2015 and then the flight number
    Sry for the mistakes:)

  5. Kryotix Gaming Says:

    Hmm… Name the park Lost Birds Memorial Park.
    Why lost birds? Because airplanes go boom boom and they’re gone.

  6. Game Talk Says:

    +Keralis Could sb tell me what kind of mods he uses!? Please :(

  7. Retro radio Says:

    The reason why cities skylines population counter seems way off is because
    every single individual is a simulated entity. This means that you have
    60.000 simulated people in your city.
    There is a mod out there that gives you a more realistic hypothetical
    population counter based on the size of your city.

  8. Dave Joss Channel Says:

    German Wings Memorial Park!

  9. Anti First ! Says:

    *Peacefull* *Flight* *Lake* !!!

  10. Keralis Says:

    Dear friends enjoy! Hope everyone is doing ok and have an awesome weekend!
    Next episode we are building the airport! Might not be out tomorrow due to
    my parents are here on a visit but it should be up latest on Sunday. :)

  11. levien dekker Says:

    Build the feyenoord stadium, feyenoord is a football/soccer club from the

  12. Idan Nissim Says:

    u should call the Island area:
    Maple Island – because of the Autmn trees

  13. CriticaldiamondsMC Says:

    Call the area “Calmwater” :D

  14. Nathan Drake Says:

    I personally think Keralis has a great accent. 

  15. Jo Tyers Says:

    The tree limit on this game should be : Unlimited 

  16. The Cookie Games Says:

    Keralis, place the airport on the Island

  17. BUILDZ Says:

    The most beautiful cities skylines world I have ever seen, with the most
    awesome commentator <3

  18. ikbinhans Says:

    Your English is so good. Don’t even worry about it.

  19. Potato Douche Says:

    You should put the plane memorial infront of the future airport tho.

  20. Keralis Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.19 : The Memorial Park!

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