Cities Skylines – Ep.17 : Train Freight Terminal!

Cities Skylines - Ep.17 : Train Freight Terminal!Cities Skylines – Ep.17 : Train Freight Terminal! Don’t forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! â-» â–‹ Missed an episode? Here is the playlist…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Mar 26th, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines – Ep.17 : Train Freight Terminal!”

  1. Keralis Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.17 : Train Freight Terminal!

  2. Country Boy52 Says:

    Keralis if you do not post a part 5 on that Zminecraft Mediterranean House
    in the next 2 days, I’m unsubscribing

  3. Alex Briggs Says:

    I would love to live there!!!

  4. notasgood Says:

    Keralis! Greeting from England, and I found an awesome mod where you can
    change if you want traffic lights at a junction. It is cray!

  5. Keralis Says:

    It is back! Sorry for a long episode but since we missed 2 days due to me
    being sick I thought it would compensate for that. Thank you for the
    support and do leave suggestions for what to do in the next episode. :)

  6. squiggles Says:

    Keralis, if you make another farm name it fify shades of grain

  7. Pigo10000 Says:

    Keralis! The only thing that matters is your health. If you are sick just
    don’t do anything =)

  8. BdoPlays Says:

    Keralis, can you please install the “Wayne Enterprises Building” and place
    it??? Having Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in the same city would be amazing!


  9. Ian Mejia Says:

    Morning wood

  10. geo noy Says:

    I have been refreshing for like an hour.Not going to give up now…almost

  11. Mitch Begg Says:

    How do you rotate the intersections? I can’t seem to find the keys for

  12. DePauperGamers Says:

    Uploaded on my birthday! :D

  13. Fraser Gough Says:

    Is it just me who wishes this game happened irl?

  14. edu lets play Says:

    do a imigrant district!!!!!!!!!
    and the name maybe can be litle sao paulo!!!!

  15. Crafter12345 Says:

    Did Keralis not notice the accident @ 3:27?

  16. Paul Dunstan Says:

    The freight yard imports and exports goods it also moves goods by rail to
    other freight yards. The vans are usually delivering goods to commercial
    premises. The big trucks are from industry, mining and logging. The
    tractors are from forestry and farming. As the traffic starts to clog your
    city look where its coming from and build a freight yard and rail link
    nearby. The aim is to have the road vehicles making as short a journey as
    possible and have your goods and resources moved around the city by rail.
    Loving the series. It was a play along for me but I’m a little in front
    now. Its still entertaining to watch you!

  17. Tamaits Says:

    Åh, Kaknästornet! Hur coolt är inte det att utvecklarna ens vet vad det är?
    Haha! ^.^

  18. PROGAMMER Says:

    If u want something really cool do a district full of one till houses it
    would look amazing and sooooo funny lol

  19. Flash Craft Says:

    +Keralis it might be awesome to expand the race tracky highway (from the
    others Side of the lake) over the lake, just across the AirPort island ,
    make Some ways to enter and leave the highway onto the island and connect
    the highway to the industrial zone highway !

  20. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    You never fail to make me smile Keralis ;)
    Lovin this series!

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