Cities Skylines 7th Island 12 Population Demise

Cities Skylines 7th Island 12 Population DemiseCities Skylines Playlist â-» In this second season of Cities Skylines we aim to build a city that focuses on three …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 6th, 2015

20 Responses to “Cities Skylines 7th Island 12 Population Demise”

  1. Jannik W Says:

    Hey X,
    you should make a ‘arrival station’ for new people to the city. There can
    be a highway offramp, a train station connecting to the outside world and a
    boat terminal connecting to the outside world, as well as a subway station
    connecting only to your city.

  2. schwabentutorials Says:

    The people in the population count are counted as soon as they are
    “generated” or something like that, meaning as soon as there is a person
    going to live in the city the count goes up.. It can still take a while
    until they arrive..
    With the endless demand mod its pretty clear.. zone a big portion of
    residential, the people count goes up and shortly after the first cars are
    arriving.. You can generate massive traffic jams of people moving in with
    the endless demand mod by creating large residential areas at once :D

  3. Frazzer951 Says: this help
    you control traffic and how to road work!! It alows you to controll the
    lights and stuff

  4. Dustroier Justin H. Says:

    I was about to say that they had pocket cars in the comments, and then you
    said that in the video.

  5. RP$wag780 Says:

    Nooooooo 2 hrs late from when episode was released !!!!!! :(

  6. xisumavoid Says:
  7. janx1913 Says:

    Monkey islands should be called “Monkey Business” with all the commercial

  8. Henry Samuel Says:

    *There are loudly mooing cows* Xisuma: And we’ve got some goats as well…

  9. ORSO Yt Says:

    They are not connected whit the high wat thats wat they doesn’t wan’t tot
    live there they can’t go tot the outsider world

  10. Badie Oubari Says:

    Can you upload these on your 2nd channel?

  11. Cubatrix Says:

    Glad you had a great time on holidays, you deserved it!

  12. Zaccybacon Says:

    how did the population go down if they couldnt move out. and why was there
    no ‘baby making time’ because of the city was disconnected to everything.
    theres now a amusement park out for this game you could have a small island
    for it

  13. xisumavoid Says:

    Streaming Hermitcraft AMPLIFIED on Come say
    bananas! :-)

  14. luke oram Says:

    plz just conect the islands with highways

  15. iCristi Lion Says:

    Think about this: you have that street that only buses and people can walk
    on, why don’t you just use it to connect city to industrial and to shops
    thru buses? I think that might be very useful!

  16. Adam Powell Says:

    Because its a steam game you may want to verify your game catch. Your game
    may have broken a bit because of all the mods.

  17. Wiejeben Says:

    Awesome, this is getting pretty exciting! Btw do you have to add your
    videos to your website manually?

  18. Isaac Evans Says:

    Xisuma: oh look goats
    “Goats”: MOOOOOO

  19. WH Photography Says:

    Hmmm, your starting to really frustrate me. I’m wondering what sort of game
    you would actually be happy with? Because your not content when a game
    simulates certain parts. Well news for you- its a game! and if every part
    was ultra realistic and tracked our exact human existence this game would
    not be handled by your pc! You very idea of a disconnected city is
    unrealistic in itself, so how do you expect the game to play realistically?

  20. shrewms Says:

    damn im never first

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