Cities Skylines 7th Island 11 Unstable Solutions

Cities Skylines 7th Island 11 Unstable SolutionsCities Skylines Playlist â-» In this second season of Cities Skylines we aim to build a city that focuses on three …

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20 Responses to “Cities Skylines 7th Island 11 Unstable Solutions”

  1. Edvard Rølvaag Says:

    Stop the challenge, it makes the series more boring and too much technical

  2. Sami Niemistö Says:

    Skyfalls trilines 

  3. Mörrrlin Says:

    Somehow i am unable to watch this particular video. It takes ages to load
    one small part of the video and then fails to load the rest of it. Other
    youtube videos are fine in 4k and or 60fps. Does somebody have the same
    problem with this video?

  4. funny_monke6 Says:

    Your industry is having problems because the trains are not properly
    connected. The side of the triangle intersection that leads from the
    special industry to the normal industry is disconnected.

    Here’s a tip for catching these kinds of problems in the future: If there’s
    an error (not enough materials, for example) trace every single step that
    would need to be completed for it to be fixed. Check that the special
    industry can get by road to the train station: good. Check that the train
    can get to the other station: you found the problem.

    You still have sewage being pumped out by your water input. That is making
    your citizens sick.

    The garbage problem in your residential area is probably because the trucks
    only have a one way road leading into the area. There’s no way for the full
    trucks to get back to the incinerators.

  5. gamingjoe Says:

    Hey x, maybe you should just decide against your plan and connect
    everything toghether??

  6. MaxSeinsei Says:

    Damn these games get so… complicated sometimes x)
    I have no answers either Xisuma :/
    Maybe the challenge was indeed not the right one! There are simply too much
    things to take in count at this point, it seems like.
    Maybe, just maybe, you should demolish everything, but keep the map, and
    try rebuilding the city as esthetical as we wanted it, and most
    importantly, less complicated.

  7. Elliot Thompson Says:

    would be nice for some cities skylines tutorials

  8. eezzstudios Says:

    Make a new city on a new map this was kind of a fail. The first series was
    much better

  9. Ralph Vandyck Says:

    Build a normal city
    With trafic
    The last city was good and build now a better one

  10. Lisvenachux Roytulin Says:

    The reason your second train station does not recieve goods is because it
    is built in series with the other one, so the trains will always opt for
    the closer one. To increase the overall cargo capacity, build two train
    lines in parallel (not connected to each other).

  11. MrDead1egs Says:

    Use roads to connect your island, being disconnected just doesn’t seem to

  12. Dreamplay Says:

    I think you should stop the challenge. Its not so fun just seeing problems.

  13. xisumavoid Says:
  14. Xe Murder Says:

    Well this is early…

  15. exo sceletion Says:

    don’t give up the challenge! the problem is that the roads between the raw
    materials and the industry and the commercial islands are to small! the
    delivery trucks are stuck in traffic..

  16. logger268 Says:

    just build a normal city thats connected through roads and bridges

  17. Frazzer951 Says: this help
    you control traffic and how to road work!! It alows you to controll the
    lights and stuff

  18. AL_O0 ᶜᴼᴹᴹᴬᴺᴰ ᴮᴸᴼᶜᴷ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴿᴱᴰˢᵀᴼᴺᴱ Says:

    The death problem (maybe) is caused by the sewage outflow pipe next to the
    water pump!!!

  19. 健関根 Says:

    Connect the islands with pedestrian bridges

  20. Dat Ty Says:

    Reddit real life traffic guy is op

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