Cities Skylines 7th Island 10 Land Value Blues

Cities Skylines 7th Island 10 Land Value BluesCities Skylines Playlist â-» In this second season of Cities Skylines we aim to build a city that focuses on three …

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20 Responses to “Cities Skylines 7th Island 10 Land Value Blues”

  1. Floris Weiler Says:

    Some things:
    – If you place roads with trees, the noice polution is less and so the land
    value will go up.
    – The train intersection to your ore industry is not correct, take a close
    look and you will see that the rails are not connected.
    – In episode 09 you placed a drain next to your water pump, it is down
    stream but i guess that it was a mistake.

    Other than that, nice video’s, keep it up!!

  2. Jun Dong Koh Says:

    Stop your vacation, now, RIGHT AWAY, STOP!
    1) Add High Tech housing
    2) Hey SEWAGE right beside INTAKE??????
    3) Policies! Rethink policies!!!!

  3. Jason Dundas Says:

    I think there is a built in % that will not use trains or mass transit
    because no matter how many train terminals you build there will still be
    trucks exporting or importing by road. I tested it by adding a rediculious
    amount of cargo terminals in a industrial area to the point where 3 wernt
    even being used and still there were loads of trucks that refused to use
    the train terminal that they drove right past. You cant just use trains to
    transport stuff unfortunately. Main test failed.

  4. duisjfuds dinges Says:

    is Rockfield still a joke?

  5. MrOccupator Says:


  6. Ana Margarida Modesto Says:

    You maybe need to put commercial close to the residential area so people
    can shop there and maybe the land value will go up. It’s just a guess

  7. NoksuLPTeam Says:

    Nearby abandoned buildings DRASTICLY decreases land value and makes the
    nearby people very unhappy. AND you water is polluted!

  8. Keyan North Says:

    We need to figure out what’s flipping your screen upside down! It’s bugging

  9. alexg4711 Says:

    i dont like this challenge thing, i think bridges would look epic between
    all this islands!

  10. quasarcreator Says:

    Did you delete the sewage drain pipes that you put next to your water
    pumping stations in one of the previous episodes? That would explain why
    the land value is low because of pollution

  11. ixcaliber Says:

    Xisuma, your trains aren’t delivering the cargo properly because there is a
    gap in the intersection; it isn’t even connected.

  12. MaxSeinsei Says:

    Damn, such a crisis :|

  13. Uuwee Says:

    actually the islands aren’t connected properly by train. look at the “train
    intersections” and you’ll see those aren’t connected correct

  14. orange panda Says:

    Xisuma, please listen to us. There is a sewage outflow pipe next to your
    water intake building. Demolish it or move it

  15. 29erUSA1048 Says:

    If you delete abandon buildings it might help your land value problems

  16. Kipter Kapa Says:

    you could connect the islands with pathways :)

  17. Greg DG Says:

    Xisuma, please listen to us. There is a sewage outflow pipe next to your
    water intake building. Demolish it or move it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. xisumavoid Says:
  19. Viesturs Sprogis Says:

    Put mroe services in these industrial zonesz, believe me, it did work for
    me. Oh and also, to make these trains not leave, make another trian station
    and connect it with ouside lines.
    Put Education Boost for higher Land Value.
    And about the Land Value, it’s possible that the water is polluted.
    I have played the game and i knopw how the stuff works.

  20. Diogo Oliveira Says:

    In your latest residential area you need to have comercial there because
    people want shops nearby and They don’t want to catch the metro to the
    nearest shop, it is all about things that you need, your basic needs are in
    the comercial area like food so you don’t want to travel by metro to get
    some food. But greta vid X. Hope you are having or had a great vacation.

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