Cities Skylines 7th Island 09 New Homes

Cities Skylines 7th Island 09 New HomesCities Skylines Playlist â-» In this second season of Cities Skylines we aim to build a city that focuses on three …

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20 Responses to “Cities Skylines 7th Island 09 New Homes”

  1. careless cameron Says:

    Who elce saw that the trash trucks can only get in the city they can’t
    leave because the high way

  2. Nathan Kleyweg Says:


  3. Andreas Helgesson Says:

    “Disconnected to the outside world idea”

    Is xisumavoid building North Korea???

  4. cwn1995 Says:

    20:50 Did you just put the poop outlets next to your water pumps? :p

  5. Mr_Porkins Says:

    See if there is a download for Alcatraz for a small island 

  6. hurp derp Says:

    Its just workers not co workers. You personally aren’t working with them so
    they aren’t your co workers they’re just workers in your city. Sorry about
    that but its rather irritating.

  7. xisumavoid Says:
  8. Welsh TeC Says:


  9. ElfyPers0n Says:

    You should use pedestrian bridges to allow buses to traverse between

  10. JayDaugPlaysMinecraft --Road to 50 Subscribers-- Says:

    Xiusma you do realise that your first island looks like a monkey head

  11. Sybren Bijlsma Says:

    Maby it’s a better idea to use high ways instead of 8 lane roads, high ways
    don’t make Traffic lights.

  12. Eric Stienen Says:

    Lol, u think like mini metro

  13. Ivcota Says:

    Great Video! I agree with others about you playing Creativerse.

  14. ImMayZo Says:

    X!!!! You put the sewage treatment nextto your waterpumpsss!!!

  15. MCPE GAMER X99 Says:

    X, if you are connecting all the islands with public transport, what will
    people with cars do? What if they don’t want to walk?

    P.S. Love your vids

  16. Rares Bran Says:

    I don’t like that you didn’t keep the highways going through cities…

  17. AL_O0 ᶜᴼᴹᴹᴬᴺᴰ ᴮᴸᴼᶜᴷ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴿᴱᴰˢᵀᴼᴺᴱ Says:

    You placed the sewage pipe next to a water pump!

  18. radixex Says:

    xisuma i think you should slow down on the education, having 1 elementary
    school is good enough or else you wont have enough workers for your generic

  19. Sam Smeets Says:

    under 8 club, how tough are ya?

  20. Mr Spongey Says:

    Hey xisuma would u start a series on creativerse?

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