Cities Skylines 7th Island 08 Specialist Islands

Cities Skylines 7th Island 08 Specialist IslandsCities Skylines Playlist â-» In this second season of Cities Skylines we aim to build a city that focuses on three …

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20 Responses to “Cities Skylines 7th Island 08 Specialist Islands”

  1. James Pace Says:

    How about replacing the ring road with train tracks and having a cargo
    terminal for each specialisation?

  2. TT Lemon Says:

    The roads where odd on the island because of the finer road raising mode.
    If you do not press PgDown enough times it will try to raise the roads by
    raising the land around it and not making a bridge.

  3. RetiredMaster Says:

    I think the problem is that the trains can’t turn around when they go in
    there, so they just disappear…

  4. slimecity canaal Says:

    Hey x! You knowcwhat will be awsome a mith busting episode off cities

  5. carn109 Says:

    If you want the power lines to not be there but still have connection you
    might want to get the power relay mod

  6. Kristian Gamkinn Says:

    I think u need to turn on your second cargo station on your residential
    island :)

  7. nathan mcdonald Says:

    Just use separate power supplies for each island 

  8. xisumavoid Says:
  9. Michael Gavartin Says:

    can you download the helicopter mod

  10. TritiumCascade Says:

    I think most of the roads u built on the industry island were a bit raised
    due to the fine road height adjustment mod was probably set on level 1 or
    2. Remember the first 2 clicks will build an elevated road and clicks 3 and
    up will make a bridge. This is also why the pedestrian paths were having
    difficulty connecting to the roads. After u make your bridges u have to
    remember to lower the height setting a few extra clicks to get back to
    ground level. This messes me up all the time.

  11. potatti Says:

    Why do you not build a wind turbine for each island and same for water? :)

  12. Coldhardt007 Says:

    X, what i think would be cool, would be seperated power and water supply
    for each island (maybe not every single one^^), so maybe industrial islands
    get their power from oil powerplants or such and residential ones from
    renewable resources.

  13. Ivcota Says:

    Dude! How do you plan your cities so good? I mean seriously, my traffic is
    wrecked after 5k. Then you say I just have fun with these layouts. ._.

  14. Joey DH Says:

    Those footpaths look horrid, totally unfocused on aesthetics at all.. Stick
    to the challenge man!

  15. Luke Ngyankwong Says:

    Thanks for the nice video

  16. haebinkang Says:

    Wow, that looks so damn hard. O_O
    I could never do that, lol. I guess I would need ton of bridges.@_@

    I’m looking forward for the next episode. :)

  17. nani dta Says:

    +xisumavoid Let me start off by saying excellent video. Im not sure if you
    noticed but when you put the bridges up with the power lines along side it,
    i noticed that the ships go around the entire island instead of going
    through the bridges or under the bridges. I know that the last had clean
    energy power but are you going to use a different kind of power source? I
    think that using a different power source will give you a bit of a
    challenge. Well keep on playing the game and keep on the videos coming and
    we will keep on smashing that like button lol.

  18. Sybren Bijlsma Says:

    +xisumavoid look on YouTube for “cities skylines grid”. Etalyx made a video
    on how you can make cool ones! I Tried it and Traffic was amazing for me!

  19. John Smith Says:

    Anybody else see a monkey face in the city with the ears being the big
    loops on the edges? The second island he built not the new one he builds in
    the episode.

  20. Alberto Martínez Says:

    Maybe use the terraforming tool to make the terrain a little bit more even
    on the industrial island?

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