Christmas Creeper (With flashing Christmas lights & a hat!) Tutorial — Builder’s Book

Christmas Creeper (With flashing Christmas lights & a hat!) Tutorial -- Builder's BookMerry Christmas. Uploaded mere MINUTES after Christmas due to some uploading errors, and render errors beforehand. This video shows you my Emerald Christmas Creeper, full with Christmas Lights, a Christmas hat and flashing face. Fireworks too! Sorry for all the cuts and skips, but I didn’t want to scare you off with a 20 minute video. If you have any troubles following it, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to reply! :)

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12 Responses to “Christmas Creeper (With flashing Christmas lights & a hat!) Tutorial — Builder’s Book”

  1. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    That’s coming, the Survivor’s headquarters will go through a base in the Overworld AND the Nether. :)

  2. Soldier Ariff Says:

    Christmas Creeper Yay

  3. TurbalanceRJC Says:

    What happened to my nether base that i asked for in the treehouse builders book?

  4. MrJoekevin Says:


  5. jyt8647 Says:

    씨발 버퍼링

  6. Krystof Richter Says:

    Merry Christmas :-)

  7. DJShadowDrake Says:

    yay christmas creeper 15 comment :D

  8. SuperEddieBros Says:

    Can U do a Minecraft PE tutorial of that because I’m trying to make this D:

  9. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    Can you tell me which parts you’re confused about? I’ll try to explain them better here in the comments.

  10. killerninja1231 Says:

    can you make a video without the skips please this is confusing

  11. TheVampireFreddo Says:

    This must have taken forever to accomplish. Well done, and merry Christmas

  12. Hedgehogboy909 Says:

    Quick make the next video

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