Channel Update: More Problems

Channel Update: More ProblemsA Tl;DR version of the video: When my channel got stolen in January, the thief signed my channel up to a network (Fullscreen, Inc) and they have been ignoring me and taking all of the money…

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  1. AGEonPC Says:

    Damn sorry this happened to you Tyken.
    People like that deserve to be thrown in jail and dropping the SOAP. [If
    you get what I mean :) ]
    I’m here if you need someone.
    GL Bud.

  2. Demonblade8000 Says:

    Wow That Guy Who Did This Is An A Hole And Hopefully you can get out of
    this mess 

  3. Phizzlez Says:

    Wow! That is absolute BS! The company’s service is terrible! I know that
    they are a large Internet corporation with multiple Youtube Partners, but
    they are basically stealing money from you… I hope this gets resolved
    soon… D:

  4. Nathaniel Drake Says:


  5. Paul de Groot Says:

    hey i think that the thief is actually from that network, because why would
    he otherwise sighn you up with that particulair network? so i really would
    persue legal action and i hope everything will fall in its place :)

  6. Mr. Muffin Says:


  7. StampyCakeHead Says:

    Hope u get your channel back soon dude

  8. Kyle Nelson Says:

    How long is the contract with this Network? worst case we have to wait out
    the contract and in the meanwhile be on a new channel? Im sorry for the bad
    news.. Long time sub.. Like 4+ Years :-)

  9. Tyken132 Says:
  10. Moderateinsanity Says:

    I may have found their phone number.
    Here is where I found it.
    I called and got a voicemail saying it was in fact Fullscreen.
    I hope you get things fixed.

  11. MinecraftiaForever Says:

    Firrrrrrssssstttttt!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :)

    …… sorry??… :p

  12. Minecraftcritict123 Says:

    Go to their hq and demand for the contract to be made void and redundant.

  13. KixP3 Says:

    Hope the problem gets resolved soon :/ don’t want you to start another
    channel.From what I’ve heard, Fullscreen does take quite a while to get
    back to their partners compared to other networks, not sure why but that’s
    the way it is sadly. 

  14. Gregerlindstrom Says:

    i would just start a new channel ASAP, and you dont need to upload your old
    videos. Iam happy just to see you make new content :)

  15. MrJason005 Says:

    TL;DW to be excact
    didn’t watch ;)

  16. DokuCraftHandsomeDan Says:

    I’m hoping you can fix the monetization issues. Creating a new channel
    whilst uploading previous videos just seems like an absolute nightmare to
    me (though I’m sure this entire situation is pretty dreadful). It’s good
    that you have the channel back, and I’m glad you decided to keep going,
    rather than forgetting youtube altogether.

    I don’t really know what else to say other than to hang in there. I know
    some networks are pretty strict when it comes with their contracts, but
    since the entire thing was fraudulent, the contract should be null & void.
    But like you said, it’s just a matter of actually being able to speak with
    the network to try to get this all sorted.

  17. FriXon Says:

    It sucks you’re having this much trouble with your channel Tyken. I hope
    it’s resolved quickly! But I would recommend Pursuing Legal action if

  18. TempestWolf1 Says:

    Waaaait, waaaait… I have a very big suspicion the thief either owns, or
    cooperates with that network… Pursue legal action, now

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