Channel Update: Dethroned

Channel Update: DethronedYes! As the title and video suggests, the malicious impostor has been removed and the rightful Tyken rules supreme! A shout out to all the people that made this possible Lawyer – Ryan Morrison…

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (20) : Jan 21st, 2015

20 Responses to “Channel Update: Dethroned”

  1. joshua fulmer Says:

    Yesss I missed tyken he was the one who got me into Minecraft he is one of
    my favorite youtubers ever!!

  2. Brian T Says:

    I’m glad you finally got your channel back and I’m looking forward for the
    awesome videos to come

  3. Miaren Crowsdaughter Says:

    Good to see you back! I missed all the drama, but I was really excited to
    see a new video pop up on my feed.

  4. bunhamable Says:

    The Lord and savior Tyken is back!

  5. Immortite Says:

    Glad your back Tyken xD

    Just one question—> is there any chance of a new server in the future?

  6. Tyken132 Says:
  7. sillylittledude Says:

    What happened to your vanilla minecraft server? I was a member of it and
    would love to be back on it but it’s been shut down!

  8. Phizzlez Says:

    Fantastic update! Happy to see another vid from you! :DDDDD

  9. Rock0head 132 Says:

    i wondered what happened to you. thought you just got busy.

  10. H4J1L3 Says:

    I hadn’t realized you were on a different account, if I had known I
    would’ve supported you there. I’m glad you’re back! 

  11. Mexicandew Says:

    Ryan Morson is da real MVP
    He didn’t charge anything? Woaw what a great guy

  12. chris parmerter Says:

    You deserve to be one of the top youtubers for your creativity, and passion
    for minecraft. Im excited for your future and the future of the channel.

  13. buckekman098 Says:

    The 1 dislike is from the hacker

  14. Will McIntosh Says:

    Can’t wait for some more Tyken action!!1

  15. Kyle Nelson Says:

    Well hey der STRANGER!!!

  16. Squirrel Eating Paper Says:

    Hmmmmm Tyken is chatting with Mindcrackers…. I like where this is

  17. princetaner Says:

    I’m so glad I did not have to Ddos The imposter

  18. AlurlFails Says:

    Hermitcraft was like… #WeGotThis

  19. Czar Jake Says:

    So you got hacked and your account was taken over?

  20. ArcusDragon Vasallo Says:

    Glad to see one of my favorite YouTubers back and making videos :D

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