Animation on Captain Sparklez: “Take Back the Night”

Animation on Captain Sparklez: Watch here!

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20 Responses to “Animation on Captain Sparklez: “Take Back the Night””

  1. Jiancong Hoh Says:


  2. Cliff Ng Says:

    Will there be a behind the scenes?

  3. legollama88 Says:

    Ok then…

  4. Lorpax Says:

    Wonderful, awesome, splendig, amazing Animation..

  5. koralstrasz Says:

    he is like einshine.asain and lives in usa

  6. legokid106 Says:


  7. Lorraine Buckingham Says:


  8. Thedoctorwhatz Says:

    It’s the fallen kingdom scene I’ve rebuilt it on Xbox and me and some others did a replay of what happend

  9. rocco27f Says:

    Great job as always !!!!

  10. Ghost Animations Says:

    thats maybe true but there is no reason to be mean about it

  11. Raphaël Grégorio Says:

    I love!

  12. CPNewsInterviews Says:

    I know. I’m just fed up with people calling it a British accent.
    Theoretically, that’d be a mix of a London accent, Welsh accent, Glaswegian/Edinbrough accent and Northern Irish accent.

  13. cheerthinker Says:


  14. maria nurkkala Says:

    Ofcourse you helped! How nobody couldn’t seen that! Coz your animations are one and a kind. :)

  15. Cameron Mitchell Says:

    Love it!! Congrats!!

  16. Djordje Momcilovic Says:

    great job music and animation is amazing

  17. LiamAngusWilson Says:

    i know, right?

  18. Eric Yuzo Ito Says:

    Congratulations Slamacow

  19. Mistersky46 Says:


  20. Emir Rhouni Says:

    haha everyone’s mean on the internet

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