A Potential Solution to the Hopper TimingChunk Reloading Problem

A Potential Solution to the Hopper TimingChunk Reloading ProblemIt turns out that hopper behavior is consistent when reloading chunks. I take a look how this happens and what we can do with that knowledge. World save: www.mediafire.com Find more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict: www.reddit.com

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20 Responses to “A Potential Solution to the Hopper TimingChunk Reloading Problem”

  1. dog456pop Says:

    I managed to build a sorting machine that doesn’t fail when the chunk reloads, but whenever I upgrade snapshots the hoppers need to be replaced.

  2. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Could very well be. Any way to predict based on coordinates where would be a good place?

  3. cascoll2000 Says:

    I already told the guy who posted this glitch on reddit where to report it. tinyurl[dot]com/9ykuvyp

  4. cyberblader100 Says:

    40 euro for 5mbps

  5. Jones Martins Says:

    What’s your download speed?

  6. tanookipeach Says:

    PS: Or, maybe run a storage minecart over a line of independent hoopers?

  7. megajjoshXD Says:

    I get ~.45mb upload and it costs like €45 ($61) and I have no chance to upgrade :(

  8. LukeMcBrick Says:

    As an Australian, I am jealous.

  9. tanookipeach Says:

    Rather than chaining hoppers, would using a water stream to carry items above a line of independent hoppers have more consistent behaviour for sorting purposes?

  10. cascoll2000 Says:

    It’s OMG it’s Morse Code for a Minecraft ARG!

  11. Atanar89 Says:

    You should get rid of the humming base sound in your video. It’s kinda annoing.

  12. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Are referring to when I was inactive last year? I actually didn’t loose that many surprisingly.

  13. madosBC Says:

    I know some of the updates in the world are done in a pseudo random pattern. I think this is what we can see here. Because it’s “pseudo” it never changes. Some hoppers are updated earlier, independent from the redstone ticks, and kind of “win” or “overrule” the others resulting in an 50% average. Please note this pattern expands in all three dimensions, it’s not the same if you build in a different height.

  14. MorgurEdits Says:

    For now I am gonna Like always your good vids

  15. Minecraftaddict Says:

    It might be related to the glitch that in the new snapshots the comparators are completely broken! Actually, they don’t update properly so when you input a high B signal, it doesn’t turn off. Maybe not exactly the same as your problem but I’m sure Mojang will have to post a fix next week that might solve your’s as well.

  16. Minecraftaddict Says:

    It’s a ground loop issue when my laptop is plugged in. And as my old battery is shit and the new one is broken, there’s not much I can do other than stop making videos.

  17. kingzinc99 Says:

    It’s a shame you lost subs mate

  18. Minecraftaddict Says:

    You didn’t say “First”. Your comment will live.

  19. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Wife pays the bills but I think it’s ~$60 a month. It’s cable internet.

  20. tf2jake Says:

    Please look at your private messages. Thank you.

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